And the Winner Is…

Congratulations Godmother Kelly!

I don’t know if it was her fantastic sales pitch or the fact that deep down I feel she’s the most qualified doll owner to name my newly acquired, but KELLY is the winner!!!

Anika Tessie. Sounds fantastic. Tess is probably going to be the middle name of my next daughter, so I love Tessie. I don’t care if they’re close, it’s all in the family.

Thank you ALL for your fantastic contributions to the Cabbage Patch Kid Name Contest. The stories were heart warming and heart breaking, may you all be blessed with real babies to snuggle and name. Or grand babies. Or Godchildren. Whatever suits your fancy.


  1. Oh, I am so surprised….I don’t even have a speech. But I’d like to thank all of the little (Cabbage Patch) people and Xavier what’s his name, without them I might never have had this honor. (and what’s with the name Xavier? I spent all my childhood trying to figure out how in the heck to pronounce it).

    Thanks Annie, yes I just thought that name fit. Hope little June-bug enjoys her as much as we’ve enjoyed this post!

  2. I’m bummed I got to the competition late—although I do applaud the final choice:)

    If I made it here on time, I would’ve suggested to name her after your favorite cereal which is why my Cabbage Patch doll was stuck with the name “Product 19.”

  3. I wanted to name our first born Anika, but my hubby wouldn’t let me. ~sigh~

    I had a homemade cabbage patch doll my Granny sewed me. We were poor. I was kind of ashamed of her but I loved her to bits when no one else was around.

  4. If you just would have gone with the Kelly Jenny option, you could have made us BOTH winners! True, I would have been the “official” winner, but Kelly would have had the eternal glory as the doll’s namesake – Are you regretting your decision???

    Nice acceptance speech Kel. You’re a natural.

  5. Tammara, Jess and Cory says:

    I love that name way to go Kelly.

  6. by AnnieValentine says:

    Walked by the new cabbage kids today at Target. I just want to buy them all. I think I have a cabbage patch problem…