The Cut and the Mug

The Cut and the Mug

Here it is, short. I love short, I am best short, but somewhere deep down I want it long.

You know your hair is thin when your hair girl keeps saying things like, “It’s okay, don’t worry…Wow, it just keeps coming out. But uh, don’t worry, it’s going to be just fine…Oh gosh, um, no problem. I’m just going to do a clump test just in case…Have you been eating a lot of salami lately?”

This is also the pic we chose for the column (my mom took it). Notice the shadow against the side of my head? Yeah. That’s to make my hair look thicker. 

And this was the only picture where I was really smiling. Not the fake kind of smiling we all do when placed in front of a camera, but a real smile brought on by a three-year-old who says things like, “You’re not a loser, Mommy!” Thanks, buddy.


  1. I actually like your haircut. It’s perfect for your shape of face. You are a gorgeous lady.

  2. ME LIKEY!!!

    A whole lot!

    annie you are beautiful. and you have a great smile!

  3. Very sassy. Perfect for a sassy columnist.
    Good luck with the column, btw.

  4. I think you could have gone even shorter.

    Looks good, no worries.

  5. The hair-do looks lovely! And dang girl, you’re pretty!

    Don’t worry. I like you anyway.

  6. You are beautiful and so skinny! I miss you and have been thinking of you lately.

  7. I LOVE it! So flattering!

  8. It looks great, and I think it’s a nice picture for your column.
    Isn’t it great the smiles that are brought on by 3 year olds!

  9. Wow, your mouth was cute, the the whole head is sensational. What a babe. Will that Salami Diet make me as pretty as you?

  10. The only thing that would make your hair-do better, would be a bow made from salami, at least consider photoshoping some salami earrings in. otherwise you are gorgeous and the real smile looks great.

  11. I love it! Super darling! Beautiful! Jason is going to be salivating…

  12. I could easily make you a salami clip. That would be awesome!! Your friends are right, you are very beautiful. Keep smiling! My 3 year old sure keeps me smiling too. Aaaahhh, 3 year olds. Ta ta for now. 😉

  13. Hottie, hottie, hottie.

  14. I haven’t seen you in ages and you are beautiful and can I say you look super thin! Good luck w/ the column! I’ll bet after seeing that picture, Jason can’t wait to get home to you!

  15. Annie, you look GREAT! I love this photo!

  16. What a beautiful picture Annie. You’re gorgeous!