And The Winner Is…

Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to post the T-shirt winner until tomorrow because I was worried it would maybe break the Sabbath, but the sun is down now and if we were in Jerusalem, Sabbath would officially be over anyway. 

You’re not reading any of this, are you?

With no further adeau, the winner of the Stupid Twilight T-shirt Give-a-way is…

Chicken Little! 

I had a family member choose a number between 1 and 32 (since only about 27 people actually wanted one of the blasted T-shirts), and that’s the number they picked.

So yay to Chicken Little, aren’t you cute. When the sky falls, let’s all hope you’re wearing your new T-Shirt and that some chilly vampire boy whisks you away to Forks to live happily ever after. 

Have I mentioned that I’ve been to Forks? Multiple times? And that it isn’t much to see? Neither is their very stinky girls’ locker room? That was before the vampires, but still. Kind of lame. 

Thanks for playing. 

I leave for Georgia on Friday, come Hell or low T-shirt sales.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time and that this is like the shortest week ever, although it never seems to work like that does it. Anyway good luck.

  2. I guess my life has no meaning anymore.

  3. Fabulous! I don’t usually win things, so this makes my day:)

  4. Does the title “Sister” have no meaning?

    Fine. I’m not your sister anymore. AND I’m taking away your birthday.

    So there.

  5. I never win 🙁 Sorry I don’t knwo where that pout came from! Yay chicken little! I loved that book

  6. Fine I don’t need your stinky old T-shirt anyway. Why is that?
    Because I get YOU! In real life, at my house tomorrow (which would be today if we were in Isreal because the sun is down etc…)

    Oh and, how is it possible that you have not, until now, mentioned that you’ve been to Forks?!

  7. I have yet to read/get obsessed with the Twilight books so I can’t say I’m chomping at the bit just yet… but WOOHOO for Georgia on Friday!!!!!!
    Now would you mind making some YoGabba Gabba shirths Now THOSE I can obsessabout for ya.

  8. I”m glad you get to go on your trip. I’ve been down here for more than two weeks. I haven ot crossed into GA though.

  9. Eh, who hasn’t been to Forks?

    Hey, maybe I since I didn’t win the T-shirt, I can use the I’ve Been to Forks card to make myself cooler with the YW? I think there’s a T-shirt idea in there somewhere. I’ve been to Forks and… I don’t know what.

  10. annie valentine says:

    Come on Reva, everyone’s doing it. Just try a few pages, they won’t really hurt you and it feels so good…

  11. congratualtions, chicken little. you’re chicken lucky it seems 🙂 okay, that didn’t work. have fun in Georgia!

  12. Dang it, I didn’t check faithfully for two days and I missed this, AND The photos! That’s OK, and I didn’t realize you were leaving so soon, I really do need to get my shirts, but it sounds like you’ll have to use my contribution to pay off the credit card BILL. . .oops! Sarah