Death to Skinny Jeans

I took the baby with me to buy skinny jeans last week. I just keep getting stupider and stupider, don’t I?

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  1. I love your guts, Annie Valentine. You are precious. And I have never liked a stupid shirt quite so much. Good work!

  2. You’re cool. You know that?

    PS. If you don’t come to my house Mondee I might cry.

  3. Thank goodness that June was able to save you from too tight jeans…ugh… imagine if you had shopped by yourself 🙂

  4. When I put my mouse over your picture, the arrow turns into a hand with a finger pointing.
    I almost positioned the finger under your nose, to make for a hilarious image, but I didn’t because that would be childish.

  5. You are one of the few people I think could actually pull off the skinny jean and look good in it. I honestly think most people that wear skinny jeans…should not. You have the nicest skinniest legs and thus would probably look fabulous in them. I don’t even dare try them on…especially in my current condition. The whole situation with June totally brings back memories…shopping with babies…ah, but shopping with toddlers or at least Carter, is awesome. Carter lets me know when things look good or not…he just sits on the bench with his snacks and judges every outfit I try on! I love him!

  6. annie valentine says:

    I’ll pay you later for the compliment Kadi girl, but these legs are 30 now. They don’t look the same…

  7. I’m pretty sure Skinny Jeans is an oxi-moron. Whoever coined it should be sentenced to a life of eating only linty apple jacks.

    Skinny jeans…. peh!

  8. oh man I can’t even get the waist part of skinny jeans past my ankle.

  9. Skinny jeans were invented by Satan. Seriously. I would look like a big, fat turnip in skinny jeans.

  10. Right up there with going bra shopping with my toddler. THAT was fun . . . and stupid. Going to read your column!

  11. Ok…I am dying right now! I was out of town last weekend and didn’t read your last 4 posts and all of them are making me pee my pants! Especially this one…can I just tell you about my trip to Ross last Thursday night….the exact night you wrote your column which I had no idea about. So Ross is my ALL-TIME favorite store in America…I shop there all the time…anyway…I ran…or drove…as fast as I could to Ross before they closed that night to look for jeans for our family picture the next day. After flipping through jean after jean after jean I had about HAD IT with the horrible skinny jean thing! I was so upset! I thought there must be some mistake here…they are all the stupid skinny kind…seriously who wears those besides Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan! I asked a worker if there were any others besdies those and she said…’that’s the style now’…well sorry…unless you’re a size o they just don’ t look good! I’m totally boycotting ROss until they get some REAL jeans back! (I had just seen way cute jeans last month and am cursing that I didn’t just buy the pair I really wanted back then!) Anyway…I just thought it was way too funny you had virtually the exact same experience! Oh and I just watched the Biggest Loser tonight after your hilarious post from last week I wanted to see more…and oh my crap! I too hate that vicky thing…we watched the first couple weeks and from the very first day I told my husband she was a total hag! We kinda lost interest but seeing your excitement for it got me back into it. Anyway…I also was going to tell you that we got our stupid t’s today but they are WAY small! My husband actually really really liked it but Sarah said she couldn’t even get hers on…she thinks you mistakenly ordered CHILDREN’s Sizes! But they are WAY cute and I wish I would have orderd more! I am so glad you got a great response after going on the morning show. But whats with the new website…you see a bunch of skiny bikini porn woman when you click on the link! Is that supposed to be some sublimanol adversting or what?? Well we can’t wait for the big premire on Thrusday! Have a good one!