Georgia is peachy

I think I’m a bad person.

I have been in Georgia with hot secret agent husband for three days now and can’t seem to recall my children’s names. My head must be fuzzy from all this thick Georgian air, hopefully when I see them tomorrow something will click and I’ll feel like a mother again.

In the meantime, I have a book to read while Jason finishes class.

Then he’s all mine.


  1. I think your head is fuzzy from something else entirely 😉

  2. I second that, nevadanista!! we all know why things are little “cloudy”!! spare us the details, but enjoy the ride…oops did I write that out loud!!

  3. Hee Hee…you gals are funny!

  4. LOL. Awesome Annie. Have fun for me! My kids won’t let me “forget their names.” The little sickies.

  5. Sometimes it’s good for the mommy hat to come off and the wife had to be firmly on the head. Glad you’re having a great time!

  6. ha ha ha! the air isn’t that thick. I must be aclimated. Isn’t the weather so nice out here! I bet you want to move out here now!

  7. I forget my kids names all the time, but I don’t have Georgian air to blame it on; I’m just really slow.

  8. I second nevadaista… DUH! :>P

    Hope your having a grand time. Where it’s warm.
    And not snowing.

  9. Ah, that was cute. I’m sure it IS that thick Georgian air.

  10. Yes, you are a horrible, horrible person! I hope you have an amazing rest of you vacation! 🙂

  11. Glad you are having a good time! 🙂

  12. At least you remembered you have kids! You’re doing better than most.

    Have fun!

  13. I may not be the best to comment, I have an unusual view of life.

    I travel a lot and leave my kids. Lately, I even leave my husband and I really don’t miss them a bit. The kids, I mean (I always miss the man).

    So I’d say, NO, you are not a bad mom. The kids have to “leave the nest” sometime. . .you’re just getting yourself used to it while they’re still in diapers.


  14. What? You have kids?!!? Actually I am just posting to tell you that my Tee-shirts arrived and they are SOOO cute, so anyone else reading this blog better hurry and order theirs.
    Oh, and great customer service from your friend Derrick, and quick shipping.
    Enjoy your trip, but spare us a few details, eh?

  15. So glad you have gotten to enjoy that haze 🙂 And thanks for checking in!

  16. I’d ask for details but you probably don’t have any since you’re such a GOOD GIRL.

  17. annie valentine says:

    Al, my mother and her friends read this blog. It can’t be helped.