I’ll give it two stars

And then like, ten thousand more for total vampire hotness. The Twilight movie rocked. And I have to tell you, I was almost glad I didn’t have a human to come home to afterwards, I think I might have been disappointed with all his humanness. I am a Jacob fan, but ladies, Edward is so indescribably hot in this movie, I couldn’t keep the cat calls from flying out of my mouth (sorry to all the quiet 16 year olds sitting around me).

Now for the real news: the T-shirts.

300 T-shirts is a crap load of merchandise. And I have this problem. I’m not the type of salesman who can sit around and wait, selling T-shirts to strangers as they approach me/line up (I wish). I feel connected with every single person who wants to buy a shirt from me and therefore am compelled to immediately swap life stories and make them one of my best friends. This takes time and doesn’t help with the sales much.


We all know about my rocking door-kicking angels, right? How I kind of am the luckiest person on the entire planet? Let me tell you, I have the coolest angelic groupies in the entire universe. I don’t know if they check my blog, but just in case I totally need to give them props and eternal love right now.

While I was selling my T-shirts (I sold them at the Cinnemark in Layton because there wasn’t a line at Tinseltown –  AND I DIDN’T SEE ANY OF YOU) up and down the waiting line, I kept meeting groups of girls that I really liked. So I was talking to this group of teachers, telling them about Jason and how hot and wonderful he is and how long I’ve been alone with the kidlets. I then told them that I’m trying to sell enough T-shirts to pay for our Disney World tickets (the rest of our trip is already taken care of) so he wouldn’t have to worry about them. 

Suddenly this girl behind me, who I’d just sold shirts to, pipes up and says–are you ready for this?– “I can get you free tickets to Disney World, I work there.”

Free tickets? Yes. To Disney World? Yes. Hopper Passes for an entire week? Yes. Four free Disney World Hopper Passes tickets for an entire week? Yes Yes Yes. 

How can I describe my feelings? It was like all my hours and hours alone, all the stress and anxiety of trying to contribute to our financial welfare, all the disappointment from my T-shirt guy’s website crashing and being unavailable to process orders during the 48 hours after Good Things Utah (hence hardly any sales), the piles and piles of stupid Twilight T-shirts taking up four seats in my vehicle…in that moment I knew that I was not alone, nor was I forgotten. Heavenly Father has heard every prayer, both uttered and silent, and He loves me. 

So I kind of bawled a little, got her info and gave her mine, and went on my way. 

Am I still up to my eyeballs in T-shirts? Yes. Do I still owe my T-shirt guy a few thousand dollars? Yes. But people are buying them and they will all sell, I have no doubt. 

So, if you need to order any shirts from now on, please email me at regardingannie@gmail.com. I’ll take order payments through Pay Pal and send you a shirt myself, because I need to move my stock. I’ll update my blog with the inventory I’ve got ASAP. 

And if you’re in Layton or anywhere near it, I’ll be the crazy lady with the red wagon and silver Sequoia selling T-shirts tonight around the mall/movie theaters. Look for me at the Cinneplex (or whatever it’s called) front parking lot. I’m loud, I’m blond, and I’d love to meet you. I’ll be there by 5pm.

And tell every friend in the universe to bring $15 bucks. PLEASE visit my website stupidtwilighttshirts.com and check out my inventory. Live in Davis County? Pick them up from me.


  1. Annie, this is awesome!!!

  2. Well, If I’d known your were as close as Layton last night, I might have popped over to buy one. Ok maybe not. Not because of the Tshirts, but because I’m not crazy enough to want to go near the theater on opening night of THAT movie.
    I’ll buy one from you though. But, only if you promise to buy my CD if and when I finally get around to releasing it.

  3. I almost cried reading that. I’m so thrilled for you! I hope the shirts sell out real fast, too.

  4. I am so impressed that even though you didn’t sell all 300 you made it out with a free week of disneyworld and a ton of new heartfelt friends! Amazing! My thoughts exactly on edwards hotness even though you’re a jacob fan…so I have a few new t-shirt designs I’d like to creat…can we give you new ideas or do have to sell the old ones first? Well good luck girl!

  5. annie valentine says:

    Once these T-shirts sell, I never want to see another piece of Twilight merchandise again.

  6. that’s where you were! Do I feel like a dunce. My friend told me we should go to the movie theaters and I said “No Annie promised she would be at the mall……” So I’ll tell my friend that is where you are and what time do you think you’ll be there?

  7. Wow! You’re even luckier than Bella.

  8. Some people have all the luck!


  9. I’m kind of in shock. You are one heckuva woman!!! You have…. how do you say a woman has BALLS?? Chutzpa? And YAY!!!!!!!

  10. I’m SO excited for you! You definitely deserved to have that happen.

    How much longer will you be going to Layton? Cuz I really want to see you. I just have this thing where I hate driving—even from Orem to Layton. But maybe if I can convince Mary to meet me there…it’d be worth it:)

  11. annie valentine says:

    I’ll be hitting up the Layton movie theaters until either my inventory is gone or they arrest me.

  12. Camille Fox says:

    That is pretty amazing Annie! You are so blessed! (Disney tickets.) You’re also blessed with a instantly loveable personality! I’m so happy for you.

  13. Three words:
    I. Hate. You.

    Of course, in the best way possible.

  14. You are the luckiest person I know.

    And the most famous too.

    I’ll take 3 shirts thanks.

  15. WOW!

  16. Oh Annie, that is just fabulous, good for you! Now no more complaining from you for a good year, only happy posts from here on out! And I will second the vampire hottines! We were drooling, salivating, and down right lusting over the Cullen Clan last night!!

  17. What a great story! Yay for you!

  18. Now THAT is the Annie I know and love.

  19. ok so i was kidding about you making new shirts…i was refering more to the fact that I changed my mind on jacob …anyway…you’ll to read my blog to get it i guess! But I know Sarah wants to order some more Jacob ones still so no worries.

  20. What a lucky girl! That’s awesome that you met someone who can hook you up with Diz ticks asap. I need to meet more people like her. 🙂 Good luck with all your sales!