You’d Better Watch Out…

Have you exhausted your Santa Clause manipulation techniques? Click HERE to visit my sister Jen’s brilliant and evil blog. She continues to introduce innovative and sometimes disturbing parenting techniques that I love to emulate.


  1. Fantastic. It almost makes me jealous that my kids are bigger.


  2. I merrily manipulate mine!

  3. Why does Santa manipulation not work on my kids…maybe I haven’t made a big enough deal about the coolness of Santa.
    Hey, I need you to call me back with your address…or email me or something…

  4. She is REALLY evil…and the smartest people are always evil! Manipulation is what drew my conclusion…


  5. FANTASTIC article this week!

  6. Deanne Jacobs says:

    BRILLIANT! Your sister is truly a genius! An evil genius, yes, but still a genius! I plan to use said technique to accomplish my evil plans this very evening! Thank YOu!

    Sounds like you had fun in warm! Glad to have you back though. I miss you. When are we actually going to do that “girls night” again that we have been talking about for way too long?