Bare it, Baby

Apparently the entire blogosphere is talking about nakedness, nursing, modesty, and boobs. 

It reminds me of a time (and no, not my weiner story). 

When Harrison was three months old, my parents and I flew out to Washington DC to find a house to buy. I was nursing every four seconds and had a convenient wardrobe that allowed access to the jugs, thanks to throwback peasant necklines. I’d usually just pull my shirt down and hook it under the boob while nursing. Easy breezy beautiful convenience. 

We pulled up in front of a house and I took a few minutes to nurse the baby before going in. Once inside, I took a short tour and waited in the front room for the rest of my party to finish. The current male resident of the appartment was there as well, sitting on the couch. Trying not t stare at me.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a Look-You-In-The-Eye kind of girl. If we’re going to converse, I want eye contact. But I swear that guy would not look at me. I tried so hard to get him to look at my face, I was practically jumping up and down in front of him, but he kept averting this way and that. So irritating. 

It wasn’t until my mom came into the living room and took one look at me that I realized why he was so tactfully avoiding eye contact. Oh yeah, there was my left boob (lightly covered), hanging out of my shirt for all the world to see. 

I refuse to recount the seventeen other times this has happened to me in the past five years.


  1. Still waiting for you to tell about the time you flashed the painter.

    This is NOTHING compared to that. It’s like me showing my ankles.

  2. You’re actually the only person I have ever witnessed in a situation like that. I was on the boat- remember? 17 times, huh?
    I guess you are making up for the rest of us, who might not have anything to flash!

  3. Seriously?! How do you do that?! I’ll admit to mot being the most modest person but I do usually make sure that the girls are covered before going out.

  4. No. Way. Hahaahahaa!

    On the other hand, when you’re in the throes of nursing, you yourself don’t notice behind covered or not half the time. I can see me doing this.

  5. You know I’m all for a good boob story. This was great…poor guy. I want to hear all about your other knocker stories.

  6. That’s too funny. Sorry to laugh. I just laugh because it could have been any one of us nursing mommies out there. I’ve had leakage on one boob right in front of my brother in law. I was so embarrassed.

  7. Hilarious. I love nursing boob stories, because I feel like I nurse every 15 seconds too!!! I’m to the point where if someone sees my boob, I could care less, good for them (or bad for them in my opinion). One time I leaked all over my sweater while I was teaching piano, and I mean ALL over.

  8. Awesome! Isn’t it funny how once you’ve had a baby all modesty goes out the door. I seriously could care less who sees my boobs now…they are certainly not pretty anymore. My sweet little Mason has practically since birth stuck his hand down my shirt…hence, everyone has seen down my shirt…everyone (I always felt bad for those poor innocent young missionaries at church)…no worries…like I said, they’re not so pretty anymore…

  9. That’s a better nursing story than any I have. For that, I am grateful.

  10. Oh no, how crazy.