In Memory of My Mother’s Soon To Be Missing Hair

My mom has breast cancer. Tomorrow she goes in for her third surgery, which will hopefully end her time under the knife. Hopefully.

But for the record, if, in a few years, she dies of breast cancer for not being more proactive, I WILL KILL HER. Seriously. I will push my way across the veil and throttle her neck, right there in St. Peter’s presence.

In the next few months, she’ll be undergoing chemo and radiation. We all know what that means. I’ve heard of children and friends who support their hair free loved ones by shaving their heads. Knowing my mother the way I do, I can tell you right now she would not appreciate that one bit.

So, in a humble attempt to show my undying love and support for her future visit to the wig factory, I have chosen to join her in her fight for great hair: I now have extensions. Long, golden, real (fake) extension. Because no one should go through a hair crisis alone.

This way, when we’re together, people will be too busy wondering about my fake hair to notice hers. See? I am the embodiment of compassion and sacrifice, I know.

It’s all for the cause, people, all for the cause.


  1. LOL!! I offered her my hair, but she declined. Good for you, I guess I can support her by making sure my roots look good, and my layers are trimmed. 🙂

  2. I fully support this show of solidarity and strength. Especially if you make sure to toss around your hair a lot, especially in the hospital. I’m sure the other cancer patients will completely understand.

  3. That’s awful nice of you!

    Prayers are with your mom tomorrow.

  4. Picture! Picture!

    My mom is one of the most health-conscious people I know–but she won’t get a mammogram. I want to throttle her.

  5. LOL!!! What a great daughter you are to sacrifice like that!

    Denial is a powerful thing…..I know! ( I put off my treatment for 4 months.)

  6. Annie, you are just PRICELESS!

  7. Ooh-I wanna see a picture of the real fake extensions.
    Good luck to your mom!

  8. annie valentine says:


  9. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that about your mom. Seriously. Tell her everytime I brush my hair, I will think of her and say a little prayer. Everyone can use an extra little prayer….even if it is from a heathen like me, It will be for your MOM not me. I want to see the hair extensions girl and YOU MUST post a photo whether you want to or not. Your mom would want you to.

  10. So, I’m trying to figure out how you feel about posting pictures of yourself… 🙂

  11. I wanted to get extensions before my trip to the caribbean with my husband, but everyone told me that they were way too expensive and I would hate them so I didn’t. I really, really, need to see pictures and you must report on how you like them.

    And your mom is going to be fine because you are going to take such good care of her. Look how you’re sacrificing already.

  12. Jen and Annie, I know that you both are doing so well at putting on a brave and funny face, but if you are anything like me, you are having the biggest freak out on the inside.

    I wish you the best with that.

    My mom goes for her second chemo treatment tomorrow. My MIL had her double masectomy last week and will find out what her treatment will be tomorrow also.

    Is it just me or does everyone and their dog seem to be getting cancer lately. It is probably just like how when you are shopping for a certain car you see that particular car everywhere. Or when you are trying to get pregnant all you see are pregnant women everywhere.

    Keep hanging in there. Big cyber hug.

  13. Pat – everyone and their dog really is getting cancer. I swear. And thanks for the sweet thoughts.

    Anne – (I can call her that, she’s my sister). You’re adding extentions, and Laura’s actually going to keep her roots up. What the heck am I supposed to contribute? You guys are making me look bad. Maybe I should get makeup tatoos like Kerry? My lips are an irritating shade of pale, and we all know how Mom feels about lipstick…

  14. Thoughts and prayers go out to your mom and your family. Cancer sucks!

    Can’t wait to see pics of your extensions.

  15. I am placing your mom and your family on our prayer list. Just know that Prayers do get answered and there is power in it by many. I am hoping for the best for you mom and remember it is okay to cry annie you do not alwasy have to be the strong one.

  16. I’ll shave my head for your mom. If Jeanie has chemo I can do it for two. Actually, it wouldn’t be NOT such a sacrifice. My hair is now shorter (I wanted it like Alice on Twilight) But, I got a perm and it’s all burned. So a new hairdo would not only be support, it would save everyone from looking-away as I arrive. Honestly, my hair looks like the “sea hag” in “Little Mermaid.” I almost said “Little Women” duhr… uhhhh, I don’t remember a “sea hag…” “Is that in the part where they play pirates?” Yes, I’m obsessive with wonderful movies. The SEA HAG in Little Women fits me perfect. Yes! I’m in.

  17. NO! I mean Little Mermaid. Crap, I thunk it again!

  18. That’s funny, the other day I had a random thought, “Diane would KILL her daughters if they shaved their heads in support.” I guess I was right.

    Love the alternative good hair support!

  19. You are an amazing and giving person! What a sacrifice.

    My mom refused to wear a wig. She said wigs just make others feel better but all it did was make her head itch. So she just wore cute bandanas. I loved it.

  20. I was hoping you were going to suggest all of us hiding our hair under a baseball cap for a few months. Because let’s face it, hair extensions kind of sounds like extra work to me!
    I’ll do the baseball cap in honor of your mom instead (although I do want to see pictures- because how cute are you? Size two with long blond hair!)
    Prayers and love for your mom.

  21. Deanne Jacobs says:

    Oh Annie, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. My prayers are also with you and her.

    Extensions? Oh I have got to see this.

  22. I think you should go out and buy your mom a bunch of fantastically cute hats!! Oh I LOVE hats! I’ll wear some too just in honor of her, and my friend that started chemo today…

    Please PLeaSe PLEASE post a picture!!!! I have super short boy hair and want to see if extensions look good! PLEASE!!! (Does begging work? I’m sure hoping so, because I got nothing left after that…)

  23. Giggles to the humor – tears to the grief – and prayers to you all.

  24. My girlfriend just told me about a great breast cancer research website you might be interested in:
    Also, Standard Examiner had a very upbeat article about a breast cancer survivor yesterday. You and your mom might enjoy it. (It had some t-shirt ideas, too, which I know is right up your alley!)
    God bless you and your Mom. Cancer sucks.

  25. If you can’t join em, upstage em! Blessings to all of you as you experience this challenge.

  26. uh-umm.

    i’m waiting to see a picture!

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