My Curious Desire to See Benjamin Button

I love staying home with my kids, really I do, but sometimes there’s this point where I just know that if I don’t escape really soon, I might do something drastic. Like shave my head.

And sometimes the very act of leaving makes me feel like Lot’s wife. I know that if I look back at one more tear-stained face on the way out the door, I will undoubtedly turn into a big old pile of salt. They’d have to dust bust me out of the way to make room for a replacement. 

But, like all over-worked thirty-something’s who are SAHM’s, I have a “must get out now” meter. It gages my mood by how many baths/hot showers I take in one single day. For instance, by three o’clock yesterday, I had taken two baths and a hot shower. This may sound compulsive, but sometimes the bathroom is the only escape around here.

By the time we ran out of hot water, Jason had taken the hint and offered me the car keys with no curfew. I called a girlfriend and we escaped to the movies and Benjamin Button. And what an escape it was. 

That is the best movie I have ever seen. The story was so good that I hardly had time to admire Brad Pitt’s total and complete hotness (even as a seventy-year-old with hippie hair that man is smokin’). Seriously, go see that movie. And take your husband. And a box of tissues (you’ll both need them).


  1. That’s a seriously good review. I thought the movie looked just *weird,* but maybe I’ll give it a chance now.

  2. I loved it. And I do not do well in long movies. And I cried several times. I know people think my heart cavtiy is a cold, vacuous hole, but it’s not. Most of the time.

  3. I sooo want to see that movie. And I feel like that on a daily basis. And I wish I could have a shower in peace. I DO lock the door, but my kids are usually pounding on the door, saying “MOOOOMMMMM, what are you doing! I need………..!!!!!!!”, then they go get the car keys, unlock the door, and walk in on me. Little stinkers. I might build a separate bathroom underground in my backyard, so I can have a shower in solitude.

  4. I want to see it because, hey Brad Pitt! But my husband doesn’t want to see it because, ugh Brad Pitt. I think he’s jealous. Also I wanted to say that when I start showering less is when I realize that I ought to get out more so that I have an reason to wash my hair.

  5. Yeah, I was thinking about that movie… Then again, I hate crying in the theater, so maybe I’ll wait till it’s out on DVD.

    And I’m really glad you’re so clean.

  6. I JUST saw this movie yesterday! Both Que and I LOVED it!

  7. I keep finding myself thinking about it! I loved it too!

    I didn’t know the bath/shower thing about you. So on days you smell bad I know it’s a good day? I’m confused.

    Just kidding.

  8. OK, I’m glad to hear you liked it. I’ve seen EVERY movie out right now (I’ve needed to escape, too and my skin is too sensitive for more than 2 baths/showers a day!) We’ve seen Seven Pounds (excellent), Marley (wonderful), Australia (not enough bare chested Hugh and too long), Valkyrie (fascinating), Despereaux (didn’t follow the book well), Bedtime Stories (Great!) and one with Keanu Reeves that was so stupid I can’t remember the name. We’re a little movied out!

  9. Hey thanks for your interest in my adoption button. I have now updated my blog entry to tell you how to get it!

  10. I totally LOVED it too. Wasn’t Brad Pitt amazing!

    And I can totally relate to the hot bath, hot shower thing.

    And dust busted. ha ha ha ha ha You silly goose.

  11. I’ll put it on my list.

    Wow, that’s a long list. I need to get out more.

  12. I found you!!! Thanks for the comment you left a couple of days ago! I too saw Benjamin Button, a little awkward for me as I was sitting beside my son’s friends! I became VERY aware of all the intimate scenes! But I did like the movie.

    If you liked Benjamin Button, then you will LOVE Seven Pounds!!! Take kleenex!!!

    I love your blog!!!

  13. OK let me start off by saying, I was a little offended that I wasn’t the friend you turned to when you needed a break, but after my breathing exercises and some yoga poses I got over it. Second…I haven’t seen a single thing about that movie, no trailers, no nothin’ just a couple of reviews word of mouth, and it’s all good. So I will go and see it, alone, because no friends call me to do things with them. I’ve come to terms with this though, so don’t feel bad for me! No, no don’t feel bad for me!

  14. I’m sorry…I liked it, but I didn’t LOVE it…ya know?

    But I”m glad I went if that is any consolation?

  15. That is totally my house… all the time. Sometimes I think the kids are staging a revolt…

    I have been dying to see this movie. Isn’t it based on a book? The Max Tivoli book?

    Glad to hear it was good.

  16. I thought it was a kid movie…see how much I pay attention!
    My kid is too little to lock myself in the bathroom…sign…maybe next week I can pee in peace.