The Biggest Loser is a Mean, Mean Show

Oh. My. Gosh. Can we just say mean? Mean mean mean. That’s what the producers on The Biggest Loser are. 

If you missed the huge (and that’s a pun) premiere of The Biggest Loser last night, then you missed out. This is their biggest season ever–meaning they have some pretty big kids on the show, and Whoo Doggie! Do I mean big.

But this is the thing. If you tell 22 people that they’ve made The Biggest Loser chubby camp and actually have a chance to turn their life around, you’d better back yourself up. Because frankly, it would take a lot of courage and a lot of liquor to get most overweight people willing to strip and bear it all for millions of viewers. Heck, no matter how thin I get, you’re not going to find me in a sports bra and spandex on prime time. 

And so watching the show, it’s obvious that most of these people feel like NBC has given them a new lease on life. It’s like they know this is their one real chance to “make a change”. And those three little words come with massive sacrifice. Just think, you tell your family, friends, co-workers that you’ve made the show, yay you! Then after one week THEY SEND YOU HOME. 

Because they didn’t just kick off one person last night. They kicked off nine. NINE. Nearly half of the contestants. 

Wha? Who? How in the? WHAT WAS NBC THINKING? Is this like the meanest fat person prank ever? “Here, let us help you change your life–PSYCH!”

Yes, the kicked off (ticked off) contestants have a chance to return to the ranch in 30 days, if their partner is still in the game. But 30 days, on your own, when you’ve only had one week to train with Bob and Jillian?

I actually felt physically sick for those poor folks. Some of them really need to be there, and all of them have worked their butts off (like, 20 pounds of butt off). One week is not enough time to get someone jump started on a brand spanking new life. 

I will watch the show, but only because I am a hopeless addict who needs a weekly reminder as to why I drink protein shakes for breakfast and eat salami for lunch. 

And if you didn’t watch it last night, put down the ice cream and get with the program.


  1. Holy cow! I have been missing out! I think I don’t watch anymore because it’s like 3 shows a week. I don’t have t hat kind of time! It cuts into Rock of Love Bus!

  2. annie valentine says:

    No Kristina, that’s DWTS. Biggest loser is only on Tuesdays. Worth it’s weight, trust me.

  3. girlsmama says:

    I thought the same thing! I hope they are able to do okay at home. Maybe NBC will provide them trainers at 24 hour fitness. I figure all of them will get to come back but four…mean. The crazy part with the numbers last night, was that they were huge! A lot of them lost as much weight in one week that I need to loose to be at a healthy BMI. Crazy.

  4. I agree with you! That was M-E-A-N. The producers of NBC are brutal! They don’t care who they crush along their ways to their ratings. I am sad for those who will now go home and gain more weight because of the humiliation. BOOOOOO to NBC.

  5. I’ve never seen that show. Two nights ago however I found some [hilarious] show called “Inner Beauty” or “True Beauty” or something. They told 10 self-centered people that they were doing a show about finding the most Beautiful Person in America. The twist is, they secretly test their character/inner beauty as well.

    So if you would really like to laugh at reality show people who deserve it, try watching that show instead.

  6. YOu are getting me curious about watching the show! But I don’t know if I could take watching them do that to those people!

    I know how they feel everytime I make a new years resolution to lose weight and give it a GREAT week then come home to Homemade oreos!

    It’s horrible! 🙂

  7. I didn’t actually have ice cream last night. I was just craving it big time. Maybe I’ll try the show next week.

  8. Yes-I was SO bugged! I can’t believe how lame that is. I personally think they shouldn’t kick anyone off for the first week. It’s gotta take AT LEAST that long for this people to get enough knowledge/motivation to continue at home. And so many of the people that left I already love. Like the orange and blue teams. LOVE them both. And I like purple and white and red. Aah. So glad you’re bugged.
    I could say more—but I’m pretty sure I don’t wanna leave a novel in your comments. Just know I’m angry with you.

  9. Oh! I watched the first half and then the DVR switched it to something else and I didn’t think anything of it, just figured I’d catch the results next week. I know they have to keep things interesting, but you’re right, that’s just mean.

  10. i was so bugged! so bugged. I almost started crying when she said that 9 were going home. in 4 weeks 4 people won’t have the chance to come back. only 5 will. so basically you have a little over 50% chance of coming back. anyway its just mean. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  11. Does that make me sick and wrong to watch that show and then feel good about my “little pudgy” self????????

  12. I’m out! I have a way over-developed sense of Empathy!

  13. How could they do that? Especially after that old man almost died on their show, so they send his wife away? He needs her support more than ever now.
    can I add that Jillien (the trainer) really bugs me, but I wouldn’t want to say that to her face because she probably would kick the @#$*( out of me.

  14. I don’t have cable….am I excused?

    I’ll watch it on the internet if you make me! I just wanna be friends! 🙂

  15. I just couldn’t believe they did it… I kept waiting for them to take them to another campus and keep training them or SOMETHING – So NOT nice!!

  16. I felt exactly the same. It was awful. I kept thinking they were going to say “just kidding!” or that they were giving them all trainers at home or something.


    I was just reading because I thought the people were mean. I turned off the last hour to watch the new Scrubs.

    A agree, but dad nab it girl put up a spoiler alert.

    I still love you and you’re still the best Miss Washington that didn’t get crowned.

  18. I’ve never watching the biggest loser. But that’s not what I came here to talk about. I read your skinny post, before you deleted it.
    Size? Are you freakin’ kidding me? SOOOO jealous.
    I don’t think I’ve ever been, not even in 7th grade (ok maybe in life 3rd or 4th grade)
    Care you share some weightloss secrets?

  19. Hm. I’m thinking I maybe need to start watching this show again. I’ve been food sinning like crazy lately.

  20. Being sans tv, I have never got to watch TBL. However. Yes this is a crummy rotten thing for them to do. It’s as bad as what the Bachelor’s doing this year by bringing last year’s bachelorette onto the show (this year’s bachelor was the second to last man standing), and throwing the poor, supernice, single dad, a horrible emotional curve ball.

    Why would they do that? It’s just so wrong. Like this. I’m glad I mostly boycott tv, because they totally deserve it!

  21. I also watched and could not believe it. My hubby knows the polynisian cousins-they have know eachother since they were little-so we were so sad they one of them already comes home-but I will let you in on a little tip-It turns out OK for them. Thats all I can say!!

  22. oh what a sweet compassionate side you have! next thing we know you’ll be calling kicked off contestants offering to share your salami.

  23. I don’t watch that show mainly because I just couldn’t stand to see all the hard work they put into losing weight only end up being sent home.
    It’s humiliating to be put on the spot anywhere but to be on live national tv, wearing little to nothing and exposing all that extra skin? Clearly the people who come on that show want to lose weight badly to suffer that kind of humiliation and then be sent home after a week? You are right…that is MEAN.

  24. I di dnot realize it started again I thought it was next week. Thank you ms annie for the update I will be back on track on Tuesday then. I have to agree sending that many home in one week is mean. There has to be some sort of strategy behind it.

  25. I could have peed my pants, I was so thrilled that Vicky didn’t win last season. I then almost went into a depression when I realized that it was over. How was I going to keep myself motivated through the winter? Imagine my happiness when I found out the new season started in just weeks!
    I am so excited about this new season, but I am bugged that they sent nine people home. You can’t put that many massively overweight people together and then say, syke! We don’t want to help you lose weight. I really hope those people got gym memberships or personal trainers or meal plans or something.

  26. I cannot even watch this show. These people; although they realize they need to gain some control and truly want to do something about it, are tormented! They work so hard, leaving behind their families, work and everything they know to achieve a goal, to be beat out by someone who loses just a few more pounds than them. I feel they get beat down and then let down. I have cryed watching the emotional breakdowns of these gentle loving people and decided I will not particpate in it anymore!