The Flight of the Girdle

Click on the purple wording to read the full horrific account.  And you might want to remove your eye makeup before reading it (because you’re gonna shed tears of sympathy for me).

Oh yeah, the “handsome young man” I refer to? He was a poor unsuspecting mormon missionary on his way home to Salt Lake City.


  1. Ummm, I Facebook friend requested you and nothing!

    Ooohh, you make me laugh. I’ve missed your pithy comments all over blogland!

  2. I haven’t read it yet, but if it has anything to do with your size two life, I most definitely will be crying.

  3. Okay-I read it, and hilarious!! Thank you for that.

  4. I love reading your stories. They are great! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Tears, I tell you, tears of ympathy are rolling down my cheeks.

  6. Deanne Jacobs says:

    Only YOU Annie. Only YOU! Thanks for sharing. And… I totally left you a message and you totally have NOT called me back. Just because it took me weeks to return your last call, gives you NO excuse! Love you Annie… call me!

  7. Camille Machen says:

    at least you didn’t say “I really need a weiner” whilst you were grasping for the girdle, that would have been REALLY embarrassing.

  8. OUCh —That -is -so -funny. I would need a girdle that covered from just under my boobs, and carried on to my knees. Do they make those?? Otherwise, something fleshy would be bursting out somewhere of said girdle and this already sad body would look deformed. What a gentleman!!! Girdle chivalry

  9. That sounds like some thing that would happen to me, except I have not vanity and don’t wear girdles, but I should.

    You are too funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  10. Hilarious…. as always.

  11. Yep, that cheered me up. Now I want a girdle.

  12. There’s no need to be embarassed by your girdle. It shows that you care what you look like. I love girdles too, although they can be a problem on airplanes. When my husband and I were flying to Spain for our honeymoon, I wanted to wear a nice dress and look my best. So I wore my rather formidable hi-waisted Spanx Hide and Sleek. As we tried to sleep, my husband noticed that I could not seem to get into a comfortable sleeping position. He asked why and I told him, “my girdle is killing me!” He blushed beet red. I, however, did not think to remove my girdle in the washroom, so I suffered through the flight and didn’t get much sleep. I don’t know why the mention or sight of a girdle should embarass a man so much. My husband is certainly used to them by now and likes to tease me about them. I think of it as part of being a woman. We may not always be comfortable enough to sleep on an airplane, but we like to look just great!

  13. Good advice. I will never casually toss a girdle, ever again.

  14. Oh my dear, I think I’m in love with you! That was…..just….AWESOME! hehehehehe
    Good stuff right there, good stuff!

  15. post note –I couldn’t breathe all night –thinking of the girdle. So upon waking up, I wondered….why would a cutey who is a size 2 need to wear a girdle.

  16. I’m with Wendy. Ditch the girdles already!

  17. She wears a girdle because Great Grandma said “No woman should be without a foundation garment, at least that’s why I wear one, and I’m her sis, lol. Although, I’m not a size 2…and never have been, even when I was 105 lbs, that one week my Freshman year in highschool….ok, anyway, that’s my guess–tradition!
    Annie, I’m so glad it happened to you and not me!

  18. Oh my, you put it up your shirt. You are in seventh grade huh. Super funny. That poor missionary. You should have let him pick it up for you, get him acclimated quickly to the after mission life.

  19. Just because I know you hate it: LOL!

    Funniest girdle story. Ever.

  20. Love the girdle, love the story, but what I love most is that you shoved it under your shirt! You kill me!

  21. zstitches says:

    I’m with Diary and Alison — the story was already hilarious, but stuffing the girdle under your shirt absolutely clinched it. (Did you keep it under there for the rest of the flight?!?)

    We were talking about Spanx and girdles on a sewing forum I frequent, and someone said her husband compared the removal of the girdle to a tube of biscuit dough being popped open.