Pig Tails Make Life Cuter

100_2579_2100_2581100_2580Pouting is so much cuter with pig tails. This is what happens when the June Bug doesn’t get her way. 

And what’s with heading to the fridge for comfort? Crazy that she already knows where to go when life gets you down. Nothing like a bottle of chocolate milk or a wedge of Salami (which she loves) to soften the blow.

This girl is seriously determined. When she wants up and I don’t comply, she’s taken to biting my inner thigh. This is particularly bad during yoga when I’m wedged into Downward Dog, or working in the kitchen with hot oil or knives. I will be impressed if she makes it to fifteen months. 

And as far as speaking goes, most of her communication is gibberish–but do not be deceived. Women can say a lot with one or two words. “Fine” is a good example. Amazing how one little word can cover so much ground.

She can say “chocolate” and “Jesus” though, so I guess she’s got the two most important covered.

(We’re currently working on the many intricacies of “fine”.)


  1. Oh, these made me laugh. I am a horrible person, as we all know, but crying babies make me laugh. They just look so sad!!

  2. What a doll. Super cute jeans, too.

    Chocolate and Jesus. Super cute.

  3. Oops. The second time I didn’t mean to say super cute again. I meant to say “How darling.”

  4. Hmm—did she learn chocolate and Jesus in that order?

  5. Chocolate Jesus, the new Easter candy by Cadbury! Fine, but I’m still eating one.

  6. Whining is cuter in pigtails! I guess I’m going to have to start growing out the Infantile Delinquent’s hair.

  7. She is so stinkin’ adorable! It’s making me a tiny teeny little bit baby hungry.

  8. Hmmm. I’ll have to try pigtails next time I’m grouchy.

  9. Yes I have to agree whining in pig tails is so cute!!! She’s adorable!

  10. I lurve the pigtails! It’s truly a momentous occasion as a mom when the little ones can get their hair back in those 2 little tails that make life so great. Lurve the pictures! She is precious!

  11. Mine can only say “Dada” and “thank you”. I’m waiting for him to say “It’s okay, I can change my own diapers.”

  12. Would that we could all live life in pigtails.

    My first child’s first two words were mama and crap. I’ve always tried not to read too much significance into it.

  13. I wear pigtails all the time, but it doesn’t get me anywhere (except maybe in the fantasy suite). Anywho, you are invited to the exlusive Bachelor party to be held next monday. If you are still interested shoot an email over and I’ll give you the address. Remember this is EXLUSIVE, as in exlusively awesome.

  14. Dude, girls can speak volumes with our EYES.

    Language is overrated.

  15. WHY-when I’m wanting to watch Biggest Loser is there some nonsense political special report on TV?! Why?

  16. annie valentine says:

    Thank you Barbara, I’m listening to it and let me tell you, it IS nonsense.

  17. Well–you’re better than me cuz I flipped over to E! news instead of watching that:)

  18. Barbara I don’t even have cable I’m stuck with nonsense, maybe we could just hang out on Annie’s blog and chat.

  19. MY pouting is always more effective when I wear pig tails as well. such a cute little thing——already copping an attitude. I love it.

  20. Denys Gallentine (Brumbaugh) says:

    Hi Annie,
    I’ve been laughing at your blog for about a month now – found you through Jenny. I had to comment on the little June bug pic’s though. She looks just like you!! What a little cutie!

  21. Her little pig tails are so cute!

  22. ok Annie, I made a baby with Meatloaf.

  23. that sounds like a bathroom joke

  24. Soo cute! I think her biting is karma for the Twilight tees. She noticed vampires really get your attention.

  25. So, I just read your article (HILARIOUS!) Then, I thought, “Wait?! Why does Annie have 32 teeth? I only have 28! Then I counted and recounted… Yep, 28. What gives?

  26. annie valentine says:

    32 includes wisdom teeth. I personally only have 28, but many people have 32.

  27. Oh pig tails she is cuter no matter what. So how can you say no to that face Annie. At my house we would not get anything done it would be hold time all day. LOL

  28. Love the pig tails. Chloe just got to the point of me being able to braid her tails. Soooo cute. It’s like little bicycle handle bars sticking out of my 2 year old’s head. I took pictures. They made me smile.

  29. She looks so cute in pigtails. I can’t wait ’til my baby (16 months) has enough hair for pigtails!