Why God Made Sisters

So I’m home celebrating my daddy’s big old birthday. (Okay, I’m really here to shop with my mom and sisters, but he doesn’t need to know that, right?)

Today my father turns 75. That’s three fourths of a hundred years, it’s a big accomplishment. Go Daddy! We’re so proud he’s still kicking.

(He’s a perfect example of why you should have children later in life. They keep you young. In fact, I’m convinced that if it weren’t for my very existence, he would probably be dead by now.)

Being home with my mom and sisters has been kind of amazing. There are six girls in my family, and five of us (plus some) made it to dinner on Thursday night. We were like a sqawking gaggle of really funny geese. I think the people at the surrounding tables wished they could sit with us.

Three of us spent the night with our mom at a hotel. That’s a lot of estrogen in one room, let me tell you.

During the course of our conversation, we (I forced them) made a monumental decision: we are each going to be burried with a book. Why, you ask? Because no matter where we go, or what we do, we’ve always got a book with us. Need to get the oil changed? No problem, I’ve got a book. Want to run into the sporting goods store? Go for it! Get a cavity filled? Hey, why not have them do a root canal? No skin off my teeth, I’ve got a book. 

We’ve even decided, as a group, (I forced them) to have the same six words etched on our tombstones: “Don’t worry, she’s got a book”. It’s brilliant! (Excpet Jen who’s not so sure–but she’ll be dead so she doesn’t really have a choice.)

And what book, you ask, did we almost instantly and unanimously choose? Not the Bible, or the Book Of Mormon (although we decided to throw that it, just for good measure), but…

Jane Eyre. Only the greatest book ever. In fact, when I suggested it, my sisters said, in unison, “I could live with that.” Then Jen added, “I could die with that.”

I am also requesting to be burried with a copy of the BBC movie version, in case there’s a VCR around.

I love having sisters.


  1. You mean the most recent BBC version? Cuz that one is my very favorite. Hmm, I think I will go watch it right now. Screw the dishes!!

  2. I love you (and your sisters) that much more. Jane Eyre! Yes!

    And I totally have a book with me everywhere I go. I keep thinking it’s a disease. But if you do it too, then it must be a sign of intelligence, right? 😀

  3. Oooh I love that on your tombstone! How awesome!
    I get to see my sister next weekend and I’m SOOOO stoked! Sisters really are the best! 🙂

  4. I have 2 daughters who don’t always get along. I always tell them, some day you are going to be glad you have a sister.

    I know I love my sisters.

  5. YOU. ARE. SO. LUCKY. All those sisters, hanging out and having fun. I only havae one sister and I adore her….and only get to see her once a year when I go home in the summer to Canada to visit my family. One time..to visit my mom and dad…who you wonder if they’ll be around the next summer for a visit. I would love to go shopping with my sis, to a movie, out to lunch. SO DO IT WHENEVER YOU CAN. (didn’t mean to sound all melancholy, sorry) just sounds like you had fun and I think that is AWESOME. Happy birthday to your dad. speaking of being buried with a book..There better be a library or bookstore in heaven or I’m Not Going!!!

  6. ahh! you have all sisters too?!?!?! I love my sisters. I am the oldest (22) and we just get to be better friends as we get older. As I got further and further into your story it was sounding just like us.

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun. My brothers and I don’t often have weekend “get-togethers.” But we have decided who’s going to own which toy when we’re all older so we can take stellar vacations. I’ll be brining the wave-runners.

  8. Sisters-in-law are good too. Love you Annie!

  9. Six of you?! Your mother was one brave lady.

    I can’t decide which book to be buried with…but I’m confused, is it so you have something to read when you get “there”, or is it something that people who are already “there” can identify you with? So they can stuff you in the Bronte room, with the other sappy girly girls?

  10. Awww-

  11. i have seriously missed out in the sister department.

  12. SISTERS ROCK!!! I love mine! I’m sad I never had girls…..but I adore my boys!!!

  13. There is nothing better than sisters, it’s so true. (And all of a sudden I’m sad that the Princess doesn’t have any.)

  14. I don’t have gaggly geese sisters…..can I come sit at your table?

  15. How fun! I haven’t read Jane Eyre, awful I know. Have you seen the BBC version of North and South? LOVE IT! I love BBC and sisters!

  16. Oh man, not Jane Eyre. I read the first third and the last tenth and skipped all the agonizingly slow stuff in the middle. But other than that, I am TOTALLY with you.

  17. Karen! You missed the good part! It takes the exactly one third to get into the book, then ZAM! it takes off.

    Seriously, it took me THREE TRIES to discover the magicalness of that book.

  18. Sisters are the best. My sister is my very best friend in the whole world. I love my other two sisters and my 41/2 sister-in-laws too! What a blessing they are.

  19. I totally agree. When I first read Jane Eyre, I read though every period of school one day to get to the end. I’m surprised my teachers were so tolerant. I’m like Jen that way, when I start a good book, I can’t stop.

    And sisters do totally rock. Glad you got a get away and a chance to be with those you love.

    Why won’t you share the extensions with us? I want to live vicariously through you.

  20. What a great idea! Mine might have to be Pride and Prejudice though. And the BBC DVD as well.

  21. I love my sisters. I am #4 of 6 girls. (Our dad will be 76 this month.)

  22. Now that I know you are a Jane Eyre, and BBC fan (Netflix should have that as it’s own category!) I like you (if it’s possible) even MORE! So, since I can trust your judgment in books, I am going to order that one with the blue toenails.
    Have fun with your family!

  23. >Get a cavity filled? Hey, why not have them do a root canal? No skin off my teeth . . .

    That is very technically true! Although if they do the root canal they might nick the skin of your gums.

    I’m sort of bothered by the idea of a perfectly good book going into the ground to rot away — I’d rather let a living sister (or daughter or granddaughter) have it to read.

  24. I love having sisters as well. That’s all I got. 3 beautiful sisters. No brothers.

    (Well, that’s the original “Carter Family”, but now there are tons of in laws and such)