Dave Ramsey Strikes Again

So The Man and I are subjecting ourselves to a 13 week Dave Ramsey course. I don’t talk about it here because it’s too painful. Plus you would get so sick of hearing me lament, you’d never come back to visit. 

But some things I can’t keep to myself. Check out my column this week for the inside scoop on this financial charade.


  1. Awesome article. I want to try the envelope system, but my man won’t go for it. Maybe it would be too hard to do after all.

  2. I have read his book and want to do it. Just having a really hard time with even coming up with the emergency $1000. Who has that kind of dough?

  3. Hi Hot Stuff!!

    I’m back!!

    I’m going to to read the link!!

  4. We’re taking the challenge from the Total Money Makeover, too. But like Julie, that emergency fund it tricky. The minute we resolved ourselves we had close to $800 in car maintenance, there went the emergency fund and now we’re back to square one. So frustrating! Good luck to you though!

  5. Which part of the 13 week course do you get to spend your “evening watching lady in gold lame rap” envelope. I know mine is loaded and rairin’ to go…

  6. Loved your column!!

  7. Annie-Hi! Can you send me your e-mail? I need to ask you a question. Thanks & talk to you soon!

  8. Awesome. I LOVE that you bought it. I would’ve been miserable if you’d said “BUT NO. I’m responsible and would NEVER buy that!” I feel so close to you now, whenever I have a spare dollar, to the sale rack I go. 😀

  9. Oh, this was great. I hate Dave with a passion, because he makes me feel like poop. Poop that will never get a house. Poop that will never be debt free. And poop that will definitely never have fun. Seriously, he drains me of all happiness.

  10. annie valentine says:

    You know, that first $1000 came pretty fast. We sold everything that wasn’t nailed down, and did two weeks of Top Ramen.

    Tell me that’s not dedication; I dare you.

  11. Wow, good deal on Diesel! Good luck with the $20 for food next week though.
    Keep us posted on how the whole challenge goes. Might be worth a shot.

  12. We did the envelope system for 2 years and survived. I missed our credit cards, but the hubby didn’t even notice. He would also still be parting his hair down the middle and wearing Miami Vice apparel if it weren’t for me.

    Good luck with the envelopes!

  13. I like the “gas” expenditure. Good way to “tweek” it where you need to. I probably would NEVER survive with the envelope method. I’d cheat way to much.

  14. I’d love to take the course–I have the book and I use the envelope system. I love the program, but I’m not as good as I would be if I had an ongoing ‘teaching’ of it. Good luck.

  15. Wonderful book. The $1000 came pretty easy to save it is when you have a major repair to do that is the problem with getting the $1000 back. IT is like starting all over. I am proud of you Annie.

  16. I LOVED that article. I cannot express that enough. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education. So, I feel passionate about children and their “learning” techniques. “Play” is considered learning. So, play away children….play away…..! Love you Annie!!