Hungry Lambs

I got released from primary yesterday. Turns out the bishopric noticed I have a 15-month-old child with no one to tag-team teach and decided to cut me loose.

Of course, this happens right after I finally start to love my calling.

I have a darling girl in my class who’s the best little class participator I’ve ever met in my 30 years of church-going. She’s the girl who has her hand in the air, ready to answer, before I’ve asked the question.

I was  feeling a little emotional today, knowing it was my last opportunity to grace them with my stores of spiritual wisdom and extensive life experiences. At the end of my lesson, I started to bear my testimony when–

Whoosh! There goes The Hand. I could have ignored her, I could have motioned for her to put it down, I could have finished my monologue, but somehow, I couldn’t deny her.

“Yes, Sally?” (names have been changed to protect the innocent)

“Well, um, one time, my grandma was working…well, she used to be a doctor for a while, or something like that, and she worked at this office, or hospital place, (gulp) and, um, I guess this guy came into the office because he was hurt, or I think it was his head or something, I don’t know, and um, she was watching him and she was like, supposed to go do something but she didn’t, and so she just stayed there and kept looking at his head, and then something happened, and she saved his life. And when the family asked her why she didn’t like, leave, she said it was the Holy Ghost.”

Tell me, how do you follow that?

I have no doubt that if the Savior had visited our church today, he would have come straight to my class. These kids are strong. They love the Lord and they love Heavenly Father, and they want to share it. I don’t think anything makes the Heavens happier than watching their childlike enthusiasm. This is the rising generation, and they are stronger and smarter and more capable than any generation before them.

My only prayer is that we won’t fail them. If we don’t teach them about Christ, who will? We have to try harder today then we did yesterday. We have to fill our own spiritual wells as often as we can, so there will be a place of refuge when their faith wavers.

Pray with them. Read to them. Tell them about Christ. Don’t let Easter sneak up on you this year. During primary when the Bishop asked why we celebrate Easter, one of the four-year-old’s raised his hand and said, “Because Jesus was resurrected!”

Do it. Do it today.


  1. I love this post Annie, I love your funny posts too, but its nice to hear this side too. 🙂 I agree, the kids today amaze me, they’re so cool and awesome and smart and way better than I ever was! Thanks for sharing (and sorry you were released just when you started to like it)! 🙂

  2. They sound like great kids!

  3. I love that age. My oldest is about that age and she is freaking amazing.

    I get to teach Sharing Time on Easter Sunday and I tell you I’m really glad that GC is next weekend so that I can have an extra week to get ready for the awesome responsibility of the Easter ST.

  4. I subbed in the CTR 6 class yesterday and it sooo didn’t go like this. One kid climbed out of a window. Awesome.

  5. I am de-lurking to tell you how beautiful I thought this post was. I teach the sunbeams and I know just what you mean. Thanks for your awesome inspired perspective.

  6. THey definitely are STRONG and know a lot…my daughter will prove that when you first meet her! 🙂

    I just hope I do my job okay and raise my kids the best way so that they will be on Heavenly Father’s Side..ya know?

  7. Right on, Annie. You rock. (I like to mix my cool compliments from different decades that are all uncool now.)

  8. Don’t they just emanate the Spirit? Thanks for the reminder. It’s easy to get side tracked.

  9. Amen sister.

  10. you are amazing.

  11. I forgot to mention that I did see your comment about your hairiness, and we definitely need to introduce our hairy selves to each other.

  12. I was just thinking this tonight: am I doing a good job teaching my kids the important stuff? Sometimes I wonder. Thanks for the reminder that I need to step up my game.

  13. Yes, what a wonderful post. I want my children to know why we have Easter. I do not want them to think that it is because of candy, and bunnies, and chicks, and peeps.