I Went Wedding Dress Shopping

Yesterday I went wedding dress shopping. Luckily (sadly) not for me, but for my little SIL Hayley who’s kind of the most wonderful girl marrying kind of the most wonderful guy. And not only is she wonderful, she’s gorgeous. Have you ever taken a gorgeous, willing girl wedding dress shopping? It was like playing paper dolls in person.

Why didn’t someone tell me when I got married that you only get to do the dress thing once? I bought the third dress I tried on in the first store. What was I thinking? That I’d get another chance to go dress shopping with the next husband? I have always regretted the chance to try on a zillion dresses just to see how they  looked.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seriously debated pretending to be a newly engaged divorcee (because let’s face it, I’ve been married for ten years and it shows. No way could I waltz in there and pretend to be all young an innocent and unknowing about things like budgets and diaper pails), but I can’t quite bring myself to do more than drive by and sigh.

So yesterday was like having front row seats to the Super Bowl. She tried on such a broad range of dresses (and no, they did not all look alike), when she finally found The One, it was kind of amazing. The most amazing part was that when she put that dress on, she looked like a woman. Not a young girl, not a single sista playing dress-up, a woman ready to get married.

And the best part about yesterday? At the end of the day, I realized that even with all the amazing dresses out there, and even though I didn’t try very many on, I would still pick the same one.

I know I’d pick the same guy.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go put that dress on and make the family breakfast in it. It deserves a little action after all these years.


  1. Annie I’m very much enjoying your blog!! You express soooo well the joys and also frustrations of motherhood. You are a champion to your family, and an inspiration for people like me! Go Girl!!

  2. I almost wish I would have done that too. But I didn’t try on a single dress. My mom made mine, so I walked through a fabric store and picked out silk and lace the pattern I wanted. Way cool, of course.

  3. I’m bummed about my wedding dress, but you know, I WAS almost 7 months pregnant and that really limits both your choices and your budget. I bought the first consignment store dress that made my stomach look less huge. So, there is no temptation to put it on to make breakfast in.

  4. My best friend got married last year, and I was the one who went with her to pick her dress. She told me I should try some on, and while it was tempting, because my dress was the very first one I tried on, I decided to let her have her moment.

    I’m such a giver.

  5. Let’s have a wedding dress party.


    I tried on one. ONE. I wore my cousin’s dress, because my dad was out of work and it fit.

    It was okaaaaaaay. But I wouldn’t have picked it if it were my choice.

    It still makes me sad…..

  6. Suddenly I feel like I missed out on a very important rite of passage. I didn’t shop or try on anything. A sista in my ward sewed mine. Out of some white fabric I bought on my mission (sentimental), and I loved it.
    But I think shopping would still be fun. I’ve never even done it with a friend or SIL.
    Maybe with my daughters… good thing I have 2.
    But I would trade all the shopping in the world if I could still FIT in my wedding dress. I’d make breakfast, lunch, and dinner in it!

  7. I tried on dresses at a few different places, but to be honest I only really remember what one looked like. I DO remember feeling like a princess in every single one even if I didn’t want it! AWESOME! I would totally go try on dresses again, I need to feel like a princess more often! haha

  8. I fell in love with the first dress I put on, lame I know….but I still like it, even after looking at the past pictures

  9. Heather says:

    That was soo fun last night….Hayley looked beautiful in every single one….I love that Hayley is going to have a fabulous wedding and we get to enjoy it with her!

  10. p.s. how do you like that special cd?

  11. Yeah, I could’ve spent days trying on dresses. But I didn’t. There were too many other decisions to make I guess. I still like my dress.
    Now my 13 year old daughter is hooked on the show “Say Yes to the Dress”. It will be fun to eventually take her dress shopping.

  12. I totally went dress shopping with my girlfriends when we were freshman at BYU. It was awesome!

  13. I guess I should mention that none of us were even dating at the time.

  14. What a sweet entry Annie. :* (smooch on the cheek).

  15. Awe, Annie. That’s so sweet. That is exactly what I love about the dress (besides it makes me look tiny), not only do I look like a woman, but, man, I FEEL like a woman! A hot one.

  16. I bought the first dress I tried on! How bad is that? I really don’t enjoy trying on lots of dresses because I know I couldn’t choose JUST ONE.

  17. I went to one store, tried on about 3 or 4 and knew immediately, I love my wedding dress, and still do. It’s been used by 3 other girls even. It was vacuum packed into a beautiful display box and I had another friend who was thinking about wearing it. She tried it on and after she returned it, I put it on. 🙂 It was fun prancing around the house for a few minutes in my dress. I should have taken a picture or something, but it was only me and my two littlest ones and I didn’t even think about it at the time.

  18. I’ve always thought that I would wear my wedding dress lots—even after the actual wedding day. My husband can just expect to come home to see me chilling in my dress. It’ll be awesome.

  19. Ok, so impressed that so many of you still fit into your dress. I’m not saying I’ve tanked it on over the last 14 years, but there is no way I would be able to wear it again.
    I kind of missed out on the trying on part too, makes me kind of wishing I could. Oh well, we’ll just cheer on the current brides!

  20. That brought back memories of when me and my daughter went wedding dress hunting for her. THAT WAS SOOOO FUN. I’ll never forget that special time with my daughter, looking like a princess in everything—and then when the ONE was found, it was so——joyful, as you just knew THAT was it. Wait till you get to share that with your daughter. It brings a tear to my eye

  21. it’s so cool that you have your wedding dress! i rented minde and would LOVE to have it now…although, it would NOT fit!