Why The Bachlor will forever remain a bachelor

Okay, so after like 12 dedicated seasons, I finally decided not to watch The Bachelor this time. I mean, come on, the guy has a kid. It’s one thing for a single jerk to mack on 25 women, but a guy with a kid? Tsk tsk.

However, my avoiding TB wasn’t enough to keep me away from Camille’s rockin’ Bachelor party last night (plus I have my sister Jen, who filled my head with enough opinions for the whole cast and crew so I wouldn’t be an idiot when I got there).

Can I just say that the only thing worse than a jerk being a jerk is a nice guy being a jerk?

In case you didn’t watch (or didn’t care), he picked Melissa. He proposed to Melissa. He told Melissa he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Melissa. He let his son love Melissa (so wrong).

Melissa suffers from a long history of being dumped. Her self-esteem with guys is shakey, she’s kind of needy (but totally hot in a Jessica Simpson/Mandy Moore kind of way), and her family wouldn’t even go on the show to meet the guy because THEY’RE SMART.

Six weeks after the (faked) proposal, Jason get’s Melissa on camera, on national television, and dumps her. Not just the old “This isn’t really working out” dumping that can and should be done in a private place like a car or a living room or a dentist office, but the kind of dumping that the Papperazzi get together and eat popcorn over. Right smack in front of the cameras and millions of viewers.

She didn’t even see it coming. He didn’t even tell her ahead of time. IT WAS COOKED.

Then, in the space of a commercial break, he puts the old ex in the limo and brings out the other girl, the ditched girl, the girl he dumped at the final rose.

I gotta tell you, we were about wetting our pants over at Camille’s. There was so much hope that maybe she’d get smart and smell a rat, and at first she looked like she might be skeptical enough to doubt his wavering sincerity, but in the end, she sucombed to his stupid watery eyes and rode away in her limo to paradise.

The only consolation? She’ll get to see exactly how he dumped the other girl, and exactly what the other girl said. The ex-fiance didn’t mince words when it came to telling him exactly how horrible and stupid and jerky he was. I’ll be at this point she’s thinking she got out by the skin of her teeth.


  1. I didn’t watch any other episode until last night either. I was laughing out loud at Molly’s face when he was professing his love to her again. I was hoping she’d stay skeptical. But no. I wonder how long the “chemistry” will stick around this time.

  2. Did I give you the Reality Steve link?


    He posted the spoilers a couple of weeks ago, and posted emails today claiming that this was all a ploy by ABC in order to get ratings, and it was staged all along. I totally buy it.

  3. “Reality” TV, my butt.

  4. I saw Jason on Kimmel last night and he says Melissa was fully aware that they were broken up before the show but that the show was the first time they got to see each other face to face. So, that doesn’t make the situation less stupid, but I thought he should have picked Molly in the first place anyway.

  5. I only watched last night’s episode as well, up until that Molly girl was like, “My feelings for you never went away…” Then I threw a shoe at the tv, yelled a few obscenities and went to the grocery store (one-shoed, of course.) Ok, really I just went to the store, but that was so LAME-O. And yes – very wrong about the kid being involved AT ALL. And I love that Jimmy Kimmel totally made fun of him on his show. That was the best part.

  6. So what did he say when he was dumping her on camera? I haven’t watched this show since the very first season eons ago, but now you’ve got my interest piqued.

  7. I quit watching the Bachelor —my favorite episode thought was one of the Bachlorette –Trista and the hunky fireman she choose. Gorgeous couple and I think they are still together with 2 kids now.
    Otherwise, jerky, shallow weirdos —and too bad for the little boy in the middle of it all. What one will do for ratings eh.

  8. I avoid TB by staying out of the 1800s. (Sorry, that’s my acronym for Tuberculosis.) :p

    No seriously, I didn’t watch this season but I have been reading about what happened last night. Was that for real? I mean, it seems like it is something that was “lightly scripted”. You know?

  9. I gave up on that show a couple of seasons ago. The man whores love themselves too much and the women are much too shallow (intellectually and emotionally). I know that other things aren’t shallow….yikes!

  10. It was so good to meet you!!!! And even if it was just watching all of you women taking in the Bachelor. Fun evening!!!!

  11. I don’t know how i found your blog… but I love reading it! You are awesome and have a way of writing that really appeals to me.

    I agree about the whole Bachelor thing. If I were Molly I’d run… fast and far! This guy doesn’t know what he wants, give him another 6 weeks and I’m sure he’ll decide he wants Melissa back.

  12. Oh, my hubby refuses to let me watch the Bachelor. Up until Monday night, I kinda thought he was being ridiculous. Then I saw After the Final Rose and realized I was the one who was ridiculous. The Bachelor (ette) hit a home run (and got SOOO lucky) with Trista and Ryan and the only reason I keep watching is because I’d love to see people really find love and happiness like that again.

    No more though, this season ended it for me. I thought Jason and Melissa were adorable and perfect and it killed me to watch him do that to her. Staged or not. Bad, bad form ABC.

    And what a loser Jason is to either really have done that or to have let ABC talk him into to doing that. He gives Seattle a bad name.

  13. I am so pleased that you are giving me multiple reasons to never watch that show. American Idol is enough rubbish for me.

    Thank you.

  14. Okay, I read yours. And I read Jen’s.

    And I didn’t watch the Bachelor and I didn’t dig his watery eyes and thought it was uncool to dump Melissa on national t.v. but . . . I have to agree with Jen.

    Are you mad at me?

    I still LY!

  15. princess says:

    Molly,The problem with women is they never think it will happen to them.BUT,it does.Good luck.
    They say it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.It is true.

  16. Yeah, watched ever single-train-wreck-of-an-episode. And yeah, there was lots of talk about Jason on the news for weeks (me living in WA, he being from WA….the news is gonna track the story down and taunt you with it). And yep, they had broken up already before the “after the final rose” show. She put the ring on just so she could take it off for the camera. I was disturbed by this show. I should just stick to how I feel. This show is all wrong…is how I feel.

  17. I admit that I watched this season, and I haven’t watched a season of this show since Trista and Ryan. This happened to be on when I was on the treadmill in the evenings and I just kept on watching it. Well, this guy made me sick. I was really hoping also that Molly would tell him to take a hike, but she’s apparently cool with being 1st runner up. Melissa was too nice with his dumping, it would have been awesome to lay into him. There’s a reason why he’s had a failed marriage, two failed reality relationships…he’s the common denominator.