Death to Koopa

So Harrison spent the weekend mouthing off. We’re talking whiney, snotty remarks about anything and everything, relayed in a whiney, snotty voice that I am so not okay with.

I’ll be honest, I was getting pretty worried yesterday. Besides, all that Easter candy seemed to exacerbate the situation. Here’s an example:

“Honey, it’s time to get dressed for church,” I say.

“No! I hate church! I don’t want to go to church! You always make me do things I hate!”

This came from a kid who loves church (loves anything social) and is rarely forced to do things he hates. Okay, maybe sometimes. Daily. But still.

Comments like this floated freely from his opressed lips throughout the Easter weekend. I was sorely tempted to slap those lips. Luckilly his cheeks landed in enough time-outs to make up for it.

So this morning I was up early with June and went out to the kitchen. Harry woke up and wanted to see the movie we rented for him over the weekend, “Super Mario and the Koopa”. I said yes, of course. (I know, there was a time I had wild asperations of no television before school. That lasted about three days. And frankly, I was so delirious with lack of sleep the kid could have been watching Days Of Our Lives and I wouldn’t have cared.)

So he pops in the movie and somewhere in the early morning fog that is my brain, I start hearing these two little bratty koopa kids trash talking. “This sounds so familiar…” I think to myself. “Where have I heard that tone?” And suddenly I get it.

The koopa kids have taken over my child; he’s been posessed by the koopa. I hate the koopa.

Don’t worry, that movie was instantly confiscated. Anybody want to guess what Family Home Evening was about last night? That’s right, the evil nature of Koopa.


  1. I had no idea. I will teach my hypothetical child about the evils of Koopa and Mario Lopez.

  2. Oh my gosh. It really is amazing how TV influences children isn’t it?


    Hope he starts to behave 😉

  3. Ha! I love that we bought our girls the same dress. Does it surprise me? Not in the least, just cracked me up. So sorry she didn’t get to wear it on Easter Sunday, but she’ll be able to show off her superior cuteness next week I hope.

    As for the whiney, snotty tone…is it the age? Or just the beginning of the end? Brody is doing the exact same thing, although I haven’t narrowed it down to a source…possibly Leave it to Beaver? NO. 7th Heaven? NO. The neighbor kids? Possible, but I haven’t caught them at it yet, they all sound fine while my child sounds like the koopa kids. Heaven help me, his southern cheeks are getting swats and then time outs.

  4. I just laughed out loud! I’m so glad that I found your blog!!

    This reminds me of my younger brothers and sisters. They watch Disney Channel, which for the most part is very clean and wholesome, but some of the characters are really bratty and rude to their siblings and lo’ and behold my little sibs are doing the same thing!! Goodness! What a pain!!! Anyways sooo glad that I found your blog!! Keep up the good work

  5. This is why we don’t watch tom and Jerry at my house. There is way too much transfer.

  6. Yeah, there’s a horrible show on Cartoon Network called Total Drama Island. We put an end to that in our house right quick.

  7. I don’t know whats worse…
    My kids watch the Smurfs, so along with normal snottiness and whininess, I get to hear ‘Wow! Thats so smurfy!’ or ‘What in smurfness?!’
    Yeah, its a joy.

  8. I only let my kids watch conference.

  9. We had this situation with the Power Rangers.

  10. Funny you nailed it. Last FHE we had our 8 year old write out a detailed list of shows that are okay and the ones that are soo not okay. The list is on the fridge.

  11. I don’t know about Koopa but we don’t do Calliou at my house for that exact reason. And for some other reasons. Kids shows. Bah!

  12. annie valentine says:

    Camille is going to Heaven.

    And we don’t do Power Rangers or Calliou either.

  13. Would you ask your friend Kiran to send me the list.?
    And at least you didn’t get a note home from school saying your first grader swore at another student. I’m so going to blame it on TV shows. I thought I was a bad parent. Thanks for explaining media influences to me!

  14. Tapes!!!! I loooove it!!! I don’t know if I have listened to a tape since I was about 8 (ish)! That is amazing. I am so glad you are keeping the tape industry alive 🙂

    Also, on another note: I was not able to watch Power Rangers when I was younger. I now know why.

  15. Dh let our 2 year old watch Rugrats while I was dealing with a very demanding newborn and painful boobs. I had no idea until I heard my toddler address her new sister as “Dumb baby.” Dh got an earful.

  16. Welcome to the club of the “Mothers of TV Addled Kids Brains”. Its an exclusive club. There are only seven gazillion members so far.