Do These Coconuts Make Me Look Fat?

I’ve decided that if I had to be stranded on a deserted island, I would probably take my husband. (Unless Hugh Jackman was available. Have we looked at his photo lately? No?)


Taking my husband might seem like the obvious choice, but I have seriously given this some thought (See? This is what happens when the baby wakes you up at 2:33 am and you can’t get back to sleep. Life on a deserted island 101). In all honesty, it would be way more fun to take a girlfriend with me. Taking a man guarantees endless hours of one-sided conversation, kind of like this:

“Honey? Do you think these coconut shells make me look fat? I mean, I ate way too many papayas yesterday and I’m four coconuts up on the scale. Sometimes I just feel like this whole island is out to get my butt, you know?”

“Uh huh.”

However, if I had a girlfriend with me, a statement like that would lead to an entire morning of stimulating diet-centered conversation, probably followed by a power walk on the beach and a low-cal smoothie. Sometimes I think Eve must have been really lonely.

The main reason I would take Jason is so I could hopefully, eventually get myself a daughter (and because the thought of building huts and digging holes sounds totally exhausting. Okay, and he’s hot and fun to shop with).

Where would we be without the women in our lives? Mothers, sisters, daughters, neighbors, girlfriends, it’s the women I love that make up the majority ofย  my support system.

So I declare this National Phone A Friend Day. It’s almost one o’clock and I’ve been celebrating this day since 8:12 am (I’ve already logged over an hour, thanks to Verizon).

And the next time your husband bugs you about talking on the phone so much, just tell him it’s National Phone A Friend Day and you’re just doing your duty as an American.


  1. You are right on, girlfriend!

    And I’m going to NYC in July, but not with my husband. With a couple of girlfriends. It makes me sad on one hand, but really, my husband would just do what he did last time and stay in the hotel while I shopped.

  2. Very true. I haven’t used the phone in days. That’s unusual for me, I better get to it.

  3. Ooh–good idea. I have a couple girls I’m feeling the need to get in contact with now. Thanks:)

  4. I wouldn’t trade my husband for anything, but there’s just nothing like hanging out with the girls.

  5. Good girls are a must have! I’ll have to call my sister now! Thanks for the excuse! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. First off, can I thank you enough for posting that picture again? No I don’t think I can..
    Second, phone a friend day is an excellent idea, I really need to talk (like I need another excuse)

  7. Good times. I think I celebrate National Phone A Friend Day every day.

    PS Can’t get enough of that pic of Hugh Jackman. YUMMY!

  8. Girl, lets crash on an island ANY DAY.


    And I really want a daughter.

  9. I was thinking this today, including the Hugh Jackman part. I love my husband, I really do, but MAN I could use a vacation with some conversation!! Dang, I needs me a girlfriend.

  10. I totally get this. Today especially.

    I had drama happen in my world. Who did I call??

    My hubby.

    He says, “Well just tell her no. I gotta go.”

    Did I mention that I talked for about 10 minutes?? That’s all I got.

    Can my sister move in with you??

  11. You are sooo sweet!

    I would love your number, I think we could be awesome friends.

    In regards to the comment above…I called my mom, best friend and friend here to vent about my sister! ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s how much drama it is.

  12. So fabulous, I love the whole visual of the desert island. I’m glad to know one of the reasons you are taking him is for the shopping, that skill should come in really handy, forget the special agent training.

  13. Great idea! I wonder if anyone is still up…

  14. Yes, great idea! What’s yo numba? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Hey, great Idea!

    I was wondering where is Anon?


  16. Mmm…Hugh.

  17. I’m having a hard time moving past the photo……hmmmmmm…I’ll comment later….aaahhhhh…..

  18. Ah, HA! One more reason that you are my long lost twin…We both love Hugh. What’s not to love? Really? Now if only there was a Regarding Hugh blog that I could stalk, all my dreams would come true.


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