My Little Book of Brag

Have you ever noticed that wallet photos get the most action?

Let me tell you, I would love to invite people over on a regular basis to showcase the amazing professional portraits I had taken of my children, but unfortunately my house isn’t usually company-friendly (due to the small sharp toys littering the carpet and the perpetually sticky counter top and bar stools). Hey, it took me five months to get the darn things ordered, by the time they were up and on the wall we needed new photos.

This is where my girlfriend Veronica comes into play. She’s kind of the most amazing child photographer I’ve ever met. Do any of you remember that one great parenting moment I had? The one where I actually had my children’s photo’s taken by someone other than myself? Yeah, Veronica took them.

Anyway, she’s doing a spring Brag Book special and I can’t help it, I think it’s a stroke of genius. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a photo shoot (the end result being three photos you’ll hang on the wall), she’s doing a professional Brag Book photo session: Ten beautifully crafted photos of your kidlets, taken in a 20 minutes photo shoot (it only took her three minutes to capture more cute pics of Rex than I have in my entire candid collection), edited and put in a purse-friendly brag book (she actually give you TWO books). We’re not talking about your home grown internet photo book, we’re talking about a hip, vibrant disigner collection of your offspring that fits comfortably in your purse (or your mother’s purse).

Because let me tell you, as cute as you think your kids are, this woman can make them cuter. With a flash of her frighteningly expensive camera, she can turn an ugly kid into a Gap poster child. She can make a brat look sweet, a backtalker look mute, and a liar look saintly.

And yes, I know this all from personal experience.

The thing is, they’re only this age for a few minutes. The terrible two’s are gone in the blink of an eye, your five-year-old will soon be a toothless seven-year-old, and your toddler with those kissable rosy cheeks is going to be enrolling in college before you know it.

I think the books are brilliant. Pictures on the wall go up and down, but a pocketbook of pictures you can keep by your bed, and in your heart, long after your arms are empty. You can never get this time back. Don’t miss the moment.

Check her out. Veronica Reeve dot com.


  1. As goodas Veronica is with pictures, you are as good in crafting deliciously wonderful posts! I’m a little upset that you didn’t post about that nipple radio show, I was going to write that I have more than two nipples, but I call them pimples.
    Really Veronica’s idea is genius!! And her pictures always look good.
    p.s. Ian was asking when he could play with Harrison again.

  2. My brat, backtalker and liar look GREAT in photos too, even the ones I take.

  3. Do you think she could make me and Adam look cute?

  4. On my way to checkin’ her out. (Professionally.) =]

  5. Excellent idea for sure!!! 🙂 She does great work!

  6. Ooooo. I want. I need. NOW.

  7. I want children so I can have the photos done.

    Perhaps that is something I can do with my time, get pregnant 😉

    ps – I so will come and visit you when I’ve got a new job and earning the big bugs!!!

  8. If only we had a Veronica around here….

  9. Did you read my blog where I am SERIOUSLY considering flying to Utah to have her take M’s eighth birthday pictures? Seriously, why can’t I believe in human cloning so we can have an East coast Veronica?! Just another reason to despise you…

  10. I am ashamed. Very very ashamed. I haven’t had my kids photos taken professionally since Thing 2 was… ahem… 2.

    Yes. I suck. I will contact her promptly to save my sorry soul for the depths of hell.

  11. that would be FROM not for.

    Although my sorry soul probably IS being saved for the depths of hell…