Take Time to be Holy

I make a lot of mistakes. There are times when I pity the man who married me, moments when my children want to run away to the neighbor’s house, and occasion after occasion where I want to beat my own self in the head with a stick for being such an insensitive idiot.

The thing is, I’m a screw up. Every single day I make at least one mistake that would potentially keep me out of Heaven. I am impulsive, selfish, arrogant and prideful, and I’ve been known to throw stones through every glass wall in my house.

And yet…

I love Jesus. I love Him. I love taking the sacrament each Sunday, and getting down on my knees in search of forgiveness when I’m at the bottom of my rope. I love the peaceful feeling that comes from kneeling with my family in prayer (even though some of my little animals would rather run laps than fold their arms), and watching my husband button up his white shirt on Sunday mornings.

I went to Jerusalem and I saw the empty tomb, but that doesn’t really matter. I would know just as certainly, from my own simple daily conversations with Heavenly Father, that Jesus lives and loves us. He’ll take us however we come, whether we’re sinners or saints, rich or broke, old or older.

And so on this Easter weekend, take time to be holy. The bunny might be a hoax, but Jesus is real. This I know.

Here’s a clip from Elder Holland’s conference talk last weekend. Take four minutes out of your busy candy-loving weekend and watch it. It’s worth it.


  1. That was the talk that struck me the most too. It made Easter and the Atonement that much more significant and meaningful to me.

  2. Thanks Annie for that…I love him also, and I’m a schmuck more than I want to be. I LOVED Elder Holland’s talk…

  3. Love love loved this talk too. It’s the first one I’m doing for our General Conference Book Club. And the video is beautiful too. (And you’re not a screw up.)

  4. Beautiful, Annie. You should be a columnist, or something.

  5. As a fellow screw-up, I appreciate and love this post. I loved the video. I am constantly upheld by His divine understanding. I am repeatedly saved by His perfect mercy. I am grateful to call Him friend.
    And you too.
    Happy Easter.

  6. I did love conference last week, especially Elder Holland’s talk.

  7. Elder Hollands talk was powerful. Annie, your a doll — we all have our “faults” —well, that’s what people say, I don’t happen to have any myself (ha ha) and I KNOW you love the Lord ——that comes out in small ways in lots of your posts.

  8. I could NOT have said it better myself.


  9. the bunny is a hoax?!

  10. You’re in good company babe.

  11. Amy Goodie says:

    I loved what they did to Elder Holland’s talk! You stated it beautifully. Our sacrament meeting was so great today, which made the entire Easter Sunday a pretty special one… A good Sunday to finally get back into the whole church thing! 🙂

  12. Amen sister.

  13. Beautiful! I absolutely LOVED Elder Holland’s talk too. It was by far my FAV!!!!