Cut Him Some Slack

Just one more reason for me to stop screaming at my husband.

Click my face to read this week’s column. And if you missed last week’s article on the end of the world, be sure to check it out in the archives. It’s a doozy. Okay, I’m a doozy. That kind of rhymes with floozy, which I’m not. Of course, that won’t matter once we all fall into the ocean…


  1. Great column, Annie. Loved your last line.

    My grandmother is the biggest martyr. She complains when people don’t help her, but when we help her, we always do it “wrong.” Not a very gracious attitude.

  2. I really do have life envy.

    It might be tough at times but you really do have it all don’t you? 🙂

  3. Good column—hopefully I can remember to think that way the next time I get irritated at someone.

    But, is it wrong that sometimes I DO want to be an island? Just for like, a week every few months?

  4. way to go, Annie! You’re a great wife just for realizing that

  5. annie valentine says:

    Miss M, trust me, by four o’clock in the afternoon you’d be running home as fast as your little feet could carry you. I don’t even want to be me at four o’clock.

  6. Is it ok if I have spousal envy?

  7. This is an important reminder to me this week. Thanks.

  8. Wow! He vacuums and loads the dishwasher?

    Without being asked or nagged.

    Do you buy dresses together?

  9. annie valentine says:

    Why yes, Daniel, we do. Would you believe I married the one man on the planet who loves to shop?

  10. What happens after 4pm … ?

    *get scared*

  11. annie valentine says:

    When four o’clock strikes, all three children simultaneously start to cry, the once clean house is instantly transformed into a sticky, cluttered, junky mess, the freshly folded laundry is “put away” by the baby (scattered throughout the entire house), dinner scorches on the stove, and then my man comes home. To that. Every. Single. Day.

    Did I mention the turning into a pumpkin part?

  12. Aawwww it sounds wonderful 😉

  13. good article — but you always write good articles. I try and remind my kids all the time to “recognize” the good things their spouses do. Me being in a second marriage –you could say I am more “aware” of that.

  14. I’m up for beefy whole wheat brownies anytime! Loved both articles Annie.