I think I have a hangover.

There is nothing worse than a book fog.

I love to read, but it seems that each time I have a child, more of my precious literary time is leeched away by those cute little life, light and hobby suckers. Unless it’s a pressing new release that I’ve been waiting for, I try to avoid reading on any kind of regular basis.

And then I have to go on vacation and ruin everything.

Have you ever gone off chocolate, and then six months later decided you were ready to “pace yourself”? Three pans of brownies and a dress size is all it takes to make you realize the sad truth: once an addict, always an addict. Such it is with me and books (and chocolate).

I took a new trilogy of books with me on vacation, thinking I’d easilly plow through them before I got home. I forgot to take into account that each book is over 700 pages. Cause I’m smart like that. I’ve been home almost a week, trying desperately to notice my children while simultaneously engorging myself in the last and most cliff-hanging book. I keep thinking I’ll do my chores “as soon as I finish this chapter”. 247 pages and three hungry children later, the sound of their famished wails and insistent pinching finally stirs me to action: I find the fastest, easiest food and throw it around the kitchen.

This kind of auto-pilot parenting isn’t very successful. This morning I finally trudged into the kitchen to quiet their persistent calls only to find June had dumped out a Costco sized jar of Strawberry Milk mix all over the kitchen and was happilly trying to lick it all up. The upside of that mess was that they finally got baths this week.

And so, it was with great relief that I finally finished the last chapter today. We celebrated with an afternoon at the park and a visit to the library.

Because I needed a book. And a support group.


  1. Do tell . . . what’s the series?!

  2. I’m with Annette, what books?!

  3. annie valentine says:

    Okay, I love fantasy and sci-fi so don’t judge. Can’t help it, I like books that take me as far as possible from this lovely little life of mine. It’s the Farseer series by Robin Hobb, Assasin’s Apprentice is the first book.

  4. Oh, I wish you hadn’t said what it was because now I’m going to go looking for those. Maybe I’ll try to hold out until summer vacation.

  5. Annie, if you need another trilogy give me a call. Shawn has enough sci-fi/fantasy books for you to ignore your kiddies for another 2 years.

  6. I often need a vacation from my vacation, and I tend to just want to lay around and do nothing.

  7. OH, hun! Have I got some good books for you! Lemme know if you REALLY want my latest list of favorite books…

  8. Thank goodness you never took up drinking!

  9. I love sci-fi and fantasy too – – for the same exact reasons. Because really, who wants to read about some married chick having babies and making sandwhiches….BORING.

    Everytime I mention that I want to get another book my husband groans.

  10. so true! i just happened to also be scoping out the “cleverish” blogger book for nie. is this the post you have in it???

  11. Can I be in your support group? I feel exactly the same way, but right now I am in a dry spell but just like an acoholic, I am bit afraid to go back.

  12. Oh and if you let me join, I’ll bring a pan of brownies.

  13. I just love you bunches!

    I got on my blog and just stared at it…like blank! And… saw I had a comment–You so made my day. Way better than any actor or starlet.

    Honestly, I feel like I know you because of Laurel Hansen. She blessed our ward as a sister missionary.

    Hope you had a great Mother’s Day and had breakfast of chocolate in bed. lymi (Love you mean it) Susan

  14. My nephew just told me about those books and I’ve been meaning to check them out!

    Have you read the “Percy Jackson and the
    Olympians” series? Awesome!! I LOVED them.

  15. My kids and I just came down to eat breakfast and Kelsi says, ‘I’ll watch cartoons and you can read your book!’ Another sign that you have had your nose immersed in a book a little too often lately-when your 3 year old thinks thats all you do.

    Oh yes, and I completely identify with everything else you said. Luckily the library doesn’t have the next installment I need, neither do any of the used bookstores in town, so unless I am willing to shell out cash for a brand new one…I am done for now.

  16. Oh my gosh. Seriously?! Did I write this while reading my book, I’m so confused?!! I’ve been reading the Fablehaven series this entire week, just finished the 3rd one yesterday (so I like YA, give me a break). And I’ve totally been in a fog thinking about them, my sister’s coming in a couple hours for the weekend and I don’t know if I can stop myself from getting the 4th book and just hibernating while they’re here! 🙂

  17. I TOTALLY am that way! how funny! I can go a few months without “chocolate” or Reading but once I delve into another series or book or eat chocolate… I slip down that slippery slope!

  18. Tammara says:

    I am reading twighlight finally I am on book three I did not like two it made me mad. Funny what a school break give you time to read finally. I have to hurry and get it done before classes start again next semester.

  19. book? check.
    ignoring children? check.
    needing to bathe children and mop the floor? check and check.

    I’ll be over soon with the brownies.

  20. I was just getting ready to scream: “THE NAME! I NEED THE NAME OF THE SERIES!” Because apparently I majored in child ignoring in college, and I just finished my last book.

    (I love sci-fi too!)

  21. That was way to funny, you shouldn’t be reading books, you should be writing them.

    I do remember those days, but now the only thing I have to neglect is the housework. The grandkids live too far away.

    I am hooked on IceCream right now.. worse than chocolate…. probably 2 dress sizes worth.

    So, when you have written your first series let me know and I will be reading for days and days. (I read slow, so keep them short- I don’t buy anything over 300 pages– and I prefer real life stories to Sci-fi)

  22. That’s exactly what is happening to me TODAY! We just got home yesterday and I had started a book whilst enjoying a mini vacation. All I want to do is read that dang book.

    I used a little self control, and finally stopped, and here I am in the blog world.

    Now I just need that pan of brownies….