Has anyone seen my bra?

I’ve lost my bras. All of them. I cannot find a single, stupid boulder holder (although these days they’re more like pebbles) to reign the girls in this morning.

Do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is to try and get ready without a bra? I feel like I’m just bumping around, looking under cushions, wasting time, unable to make my brain work until everyone is settled down for the day.

I can’t seem to do my hair or fold clothes or feed the kids. All I do is wander around hoping one of my missing catch-all’s will show up in a likely place, like the dryer or the backseat of the car.

The June Bug seems to be especially interested in them these days, maybe she ran off with one. Don’t ask me how a person loses all her working bras without noticing. I guess I could pull out something fancy and uncomfortable, but come on. That would be like spending the day in a dance costume. I’d rather wear a girdle.

You know, it would be just like my husband to hide them and think he was really funny. He’s not funny. And I’m telling you right now, if I find out he’s the responsible party, he won’t be invited to the “party” any time soon.


  1. I hate it when that happens, and it has happened to me. So irritating.

  2. Hate to say, I haven’t seen it. But I feel your pain.

  3. I am laughing at you. I’m sorry.

  4. I’m just proud you still have something to put in a bra. I sure don’t 🙂

  5. I kept hoping that nursing 5 kids would shrink the gals into a manageable size/shape. No such luck. I don’t know whose genes to blame for my zucchinis.
    And I am down to one bra. Maybe they all went on vacation w/o us. Hope they have fun.

  6. I have two bras. They’re a mere formality.

  7. Wow. Good luck with that. Jason was my first guess.

  8. I totally get what you’re saying. I NEED my bra, I never go without one. I cannot just walk around my house without a bra on, ewwww.

  9. Check the dress-up drawer, next the weapons arsenal, it could also make a great home for some animal, oh and did you check the laundry room? Did you do the laundry this week? Oh and did you call the sleezy hotel from wherever you met Jason last? oh and the freezer check the freezer…

  10. I wait until the last minute to put away the girls. They don’t like being cooped up in a padded contraption.

  11. I absolutely love reading your blogs. They make me smile!

  12. Who loses their bra? Seriously, who does that?

  13. Okay, I agree with Wonderland! I will never lose my bra…you know why.

  14. have you found them yet, or are you still dangling?

  15. invited to “the party” –if that means what I think it means then THAT IS DANG FUNNY. If it doesn’t , ah when is the party so I can come.
    Bra’s are over-rated , and when I get home from work can’t WAIT to take it off.
    I’d go re-check the back seat of the car (tee,hee)

  16. Michelle says:

    My first thought was June bug. Because my girls think those are as fun to play with as my shoes…
    Which reminds me, that I need to relocate my lingerie drawer OUT of the baby’s reach!
    (There seems to be extra room in my bra- maybe I have yours?)

    Oh, and I double-dog dare you to go in public like that!

  17. zstitches says:

    Losing my bra is something that hasn’t yet happened in my motherhood adventures. My mind, yes, my bra, not so much. Thank goodness. My need for a bra might be the one thing that keeps me from wearing pajamas at all times.

    I was just thinking about Sue (of navel-gazing fame) and went to check who it was who’d claimed dibs on a blog shower for her — are you still staking that claim? I guess I could just email her and ask for her address. (Not that I’m likely to get anything in the mail before her tot leaves on his mission, but, you know, just in case.)

  18. annie valentine says:

    zstitches – Sorry babe, it’s mine. We’re doing it a little further into the summer. It should be a load of fun and I’ll let you know if I need any help with anything.

  19. ROFL. This one is like a moment in Annie’s brain. Can’t say I’ve lost my bras before. I have had my daughter watch me dress all wide-eyed. Then chime in with, “Mommy, when do I get boobies!” Not anytime soon, baby. And that makes me very happy.

  20. zstitches says:

    Oh I wasn’t by any means wanting to take the shower over — not at all — just wanting to check that you were still planning one. I’m not even going to offer to help plan it (5 kids with one of them still an infant has me swamped in life right now,) I’d just love to participate when it happens. Thanks!