Skanky green man trunks, mmmm.

I know, I wait way too long to catch up on my DVR. But can we talk about Jillian for a second here?

WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? I’m sorry, I’ve never been a huge Reid fan, but it was so obvious that she made a monumental mistake sending that boy home, I thought she might actually throw up all over the camera man when Reid got into his limo. She could hardly even spit out a toast to her leftover bachelors, she was so crushed. 


So what if Reid wasn’t ready to drop the L-bomb and sock a ring on her finger? He’s delightfully neurotic, no way would he be ready to take that step this fast (neurotic and also smart). If you ask me, they were the most real together.

I’ve been all for Kypton and Ed, but even I have to admit that Reid was her best shot at happiness. Well, best shot now that Wes is gone. We all know Wes would have made her happiest of all. I still can’t believe she let such a sweet, southern lie-head slip through her fingers like that. Who doesn’t want a man who is willing to pepper you with half-truths about your beauty and his fidelity? (My brother-in-law says that Jillian is a Cepter-Face – She’s cute, cept her face.)

Of course, the most important thing we should be discussing is Ed’s teensy green swim trunks. Apparently the entire world thinks they’re skanky. I must be seriously low-class because I just spent 30 minutes trying to track a pair down for Jason online. If I can only convince him that they’re “hip”…


  1. Not gonna lie—the shorts were a complete turn-off for me! But even worse was the tank top. Men shouldn’t wear tank tops. Ew. I liked Reid the best, but for that reason I didn’t really want her to pick him. I don’t think she would’ve fully appreciated him.

    But I’m still hoping Michael will be the next Bachelor. If nothing else, he will make it an ammusing season.

  2. From the title, I thought we were in for some crazy story about your late-night celebration of your engagement anniversary. Whew; although it would have been funny. At least you were looking for some of those pants for Jason.

  3. I was so bored by this episode, that I fast forwarded through about 80% of it.

  4. I hear you, Pulsipher. The place just isn’t the same without Wes around.

  5. I don’t even watch this show (we don’t have any channels now that you have to buy the box), but I’m loving your recap on it all. You are hilarious!!! 🙂

  6. The Cepter face had me rolling off the couch! Ha ha ha ha!!! Okay, that’s totally cruel but I can’t wait to tell my little brother about it. Ha ha ha ha!!!

  7. Heather says:

    HA! Like you would convince Jason of that. You couldn’t convince him of the other pair you bought! LOL LOVE YA SIS!

  8. zstitches says:

    The way I heard it was “butter face.” (I have so much to thank The Internet for.)

  9. I was hanging with Ed until the shorts. I really hope he forgot to pack his own and that’s what the producers gave him. I don’t know who to blame for his Miami Vice suit at the end.

  10. annie valentine says:

    Seriously Mel, Ed kind of lost his charm this week. Um, can I say how completely inappropriate the bedroom scene with Ed and Jillian was? I was horrified, it felt like we shouldn’t be there.