Introducing Mr. Clean

So Jason let me escape over the weekend and it was just what my mourning soul needed. I went with Tricia to her cabin at Bear Lake (for the record, it really pays to be friends with people who casually own cabins on or near water. It especially pays if you’re willing to watch their kids pro-bono on a regular basis).

And what do you think we did? No-thing. (Okay, we did eat out two nights in a row, and stopped in Logan and saw The Proposal which is almost really cute, minus the really naked scene and lame ending.) We sat around on the deck in our swimsuits, collecing cancer cells and reading 1970 self-help books plucked from a used book store. One of them was extremely…enlightening. It’s amazing what people in the 60’s and 70’s knew about , “ahem”, stuff–to think I was under the impression that our generation was part of some female awareness revolution. Not so.

Anyway, I think my man needs some serious recognition. Not only did he watch the kids until Sunday afternoon, he was about the merriest little maid you’ve ever seen. I left him a load of laundry to wash and fold. He did three. When I came home the house was in decent condition and there were piles and piles of washed and folded laundry publicly displayed all over the dining room.

And to think all these years I’ve been putting them away before he could appreciate my efforts. Lesson learned, my friend.


  1. You need to get away more often!

  2. We were doing the same thing at different ends of the state. Great, huh?

  3. It’s amazing what our loves will accomplish when we leave them alone long enough to do it, huh? I usually find this with my kids (who are old enough to do a lot more than I demand of them, and wise enough to do it without needing me to demand). – But a piece of me wants to believe they need me to do stuff for them. Translation: I want to feel like they need me at all.

    Hooray for sun and books and friends and good husbands!

  4. Does your hubby give lessons?

  5. Riddle Girl says:

    That made me giggle a bit to know that other hubbys have to leave “trails” or “hints” of all the work they accomplish in our absence. But kudos to him for doing it!

  6. Jealous. My husband feels good if he just flushes the toilet after himself. Obviously I live in a hell hole…

  7. I had a trip-out experience today. My lil’ dudes were instructed to help me wash walls as a “punishment.” They did a better job than I do! I was so proud that any lingering anger over their giant fight this morning was done away with. Who knew? I guess I don’t give them enough credit. (Sorry, I know it wasn’t a hubby story but that’s the best I’ve got today.)

  8. WOw –how fun for you!!! What do you mean I wasn’t “enlightened” in the 70’s. No wonder I am such a screw up.
    and I hope you “rewarded” you husband for holding down the fort in your abscence. gotta love that.

  9. What is your friend’s phone number? I’ll watch her kids. Of course she’ll have to drive them up here, but whatever.

    I wouldn’t mind doing three loads of laundry either, if I didn’t have to put them away. I would even do YOUR laundry if I didn’t have to put them away. (Actually, I’m not going to fold your laundry either, because I really don’t love folding so much – but I’m killer at the whole fabric softener part of the wash.)

  10. Lucky! (Said with a Napoleon Dynamite accent)

  11. i must have been living under a rock these past few months. WAIT I have, unemployment will do that to you! I love your writings, musings and your blog! SMACK me if I don’t come back and read and comment. Sometimes, I get lost like that.