NASA is nothing but a bunch of irresponsible husbands.

I’m sorry, but I have to take a moment to chew NASA out.

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? How irresponsible can you get? We understand your affinity for taping over wedding videos and precious family footage in lieu of whatever golf tournament or curling match comes on ESPN, but 200 reels of Man on the Moon? Give me a break.

In case you missed this story, NASA, apparently, can’t read. In their attempt to save money (another of man’s more prominent attributes), they taped over all but four of the 15 minute reels. (Quick disclaimer: my facts might be a teensy bit off, I’m going from memory here and I read the story over five minutes ago. Can’t make any promises.)

This just goes to show that men in general have a horrible concept of long-term memory importance (with the exception of sports). As soon as something happens, men move on.

If it weren’t for women who scrapbook and make photo albums and hoard and protect family memorabilia, we’d all be tracing our genealogy back about as far as Uncle Frank. In fact, I’ll venture a guess that if those old monks had put women in charge of record keeping, we might still have an original copy of the Bible, complete with stamps and ribbons.

**Newsflash: I’ve been promoted from the Standard Examiner’s online paper edition to page 8A of the Friday paper!!! After three weeks, not too shabby…


  1. No-the man on the moon tapes! How horrible.
    Also, I think I would’ve liked to see the pretty ribbons in the original Bible. Dang monks.

  2. That was so funny I had to comment. I agree with Barbara. ribbons galore!

  3. I love my uncle Frank, and he’s never been to the moon. Well…maybe he has, but he has no tapes to prove it.

  4. zstitches says:

    It’s just a cover story to protect the conspiracy of the fake moon landing and the fact that real tapes don’t exist.


    I’m such an archivist at heart (SUCH an archivist) that I don’t even want to see the real news story–too depressing.

  5. Congrats on the promotion! My husband still wonders why we even HAVE cameras around here, let alone the importance of the actual pictures/videos/awesome memories that I know I’ll instantaneously forget if I don’t put some ribbon or stickers on it.

  6. They DIDN’T! What idiots!

  7. Just think what we could have done with the bible and photoshop! I always thought there was way too much missing from the bible. And taping over the originals! Sacrilegious is what that is.

  8. Annie I just read your column about your son running with your husband . . . . I had tears running down my cheeks. What a touching story. I think kids in all walks of life are underestimated. They are so capable! Your writing is truly a gift!

  9. Bit of a generalisation there. In my family it is my father who has kept the photo albums, collections and family stuff … but suppose that might be different?

  10. That’s a sad commentary on NASA’s ability to preserve our history. Congratulations on the move in the paper! Way to go, Annie!

  11. annie valentine says:

    Miss M, you have a very valid point. Now and then the archivist in the family is male, they’re not all complete dead weights.