The Wedding Footage

Once again, my vanity leaves me in pain. This one is still sensitive, I’m not really ready to talk about it so I vented to the paper, because that’s so much healthier. If you get The Standard Examiner, be sure to check my column out online in their Currents section and email the editor to tell him what a great addition I make to the paper. You know, if you’re feeling it. Click here for another miserable chapter in my life.


  1. You did look AWESOME in all your get-up at the reception. I’m sad your husband didn’t get a full body shot of ya!

  2. Aww. I’m so sorry, Annie! If it makes you feel better, when I saw you at the ’roundup’ thing in March I thought you were a total hottie!

  3. I bet you did look fantastic! Just remember how you felt and maybe those memories will hold you over for a while.
    Hey, maybe for the next Bachelor or Bachelorette party it could be a dressy-formal to-do!

  4. Annie, it’s great to get caught up on your blog again. Your gettup sounded fabulous, I felt like I was there. Your vacation also sounded wonderful! I’m glad you had a great time! And I loved the post on Rex, he is a beautiful little guy. He sounds like a great kid.

  5. Well I loved your dress. The shoes, they looked uncomfortable, but you still looked hot in them!!! I’m jealous you can still pull off 3-4 inch heels. And I have to agree, Hayley’s dress really suited her. Did you get a family picture at the beginning like Heather? And June was a doll. But your boys were afraid of me. lol. Harrison got lost and he and Rex were wandering. I offered to help and he looked at me like, “Freak, why do you know my name.” lol. But your whole family looked great.

  6. The next time Jason wants to see “the whole package”, just show him your ankle. If he wants more, tell him to watch the video… it’s all on there!

  7. Arg, I actually got mad when I read this. My husband didn’t get it and we got into a fight. We give and give and all we need is to get to look glam for a short while – it’s a NEED – and then, to be able to look back and say “Wow, I looked fabulous” gets us through a dark day – I totally understand you and I want to (sweetly) punch Jason in the face. In the nicest way possible 🙂