Meryl is so smart.

What is it that gives you a sense of completion, deep down in your gut?

While I was rewinding The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars this afternoon, I caught a glimpse of Meryl Streep being interviewed about her new Julia Child’s movie. She said something that stuck in my head. She said, “Happiness and success comes from being yourself, in the most vivid way you possibly can.”

It made me pause before starting up the movie. I thought for a second, and realized that yes. She’s right. Nothing replaces that extra bit of umf that we put into whatever it is we love.

I think sometimes as mom’s, wives, worker bees and homemakers, we get completely wrapped up in the happiness and success of those around us (unless we happen across a particularly good vampire novel which trumps everything else), to the point where we ride along on their success and joy and call it our own.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found happiness in a clearance sale at The Rack, or a smokin’ hot haircut. Sometimes a private pan of brownies does the trick. But none of that really gets to the heart of it.

I’ll tell you right now, since I’ve been writing on this here blog, I’ve been happier with me than I’ve ever been in my entire life. Why? Because I’ve found my place to be me. Vividly me.

I don’t care if your thing is writing, basket weaving, dog training or cooking, if you don’t stop to find what makes you tick, deep down in your core, and cultivate it, you’ll end up confused and dissatisfied with your life. Find it. Find it now. What have you got to lose?


  1. I’m looking….

  2. Riddle Girl says:

    So TRUE! When I blog I feel like I am being ME and accomplishing something for me! (In the mean time keeping track of our memories too!)
    Thanks for a moment of clarity!
    I LOVE your blog and ALL of your writing!
    I forgot to comment on the “bedtime” blog, but I am right there with you on that too!!! Kids are not equal to adults!

  3. I love this! I think I’ve lost a little bit of me lately. And I am convinced that our attitude really helps to shape our lives, for good or bad.

  4. YES!!! This is why I write–I find I’m more ME when I do in every other area of my life.

  5. I love Meryl Streep. That’s something I didn’t think I would ever say, except then I realized what a genius of an actor she is. A lot of popular actors just play themselves over and over even if their roles in movies are named something different. But Meryl, oh yeah, she can play whatever. Also that was a fabulous quote. I think I need to find something to vividly express myself in – if my kids would allow me the time to do it…

  6. That is awesome that you were able to find your calling in your own backyard (so to speak). But unless my rainbow is hiding underneath the dirty clothes pile in my house I think I will have to wait to find myself until I am done holding little heads over puke pans and washing out poopy panties from my potty trainer who just can’t seem to find the toilet.

    But Merly is so right, great post.

  7. It is true that certain things make me feel so happy. Reading takes me to another world of peace where I can escape life for a while. Baking is my creative thing. Most weeks I will take 2 or 3 sessions and bake for a few hours. I love it, it is something I have a need to do, and it makes others happy. I also love to sew, but it takes me forever, and I get frustrated with it, so it really is no longer in the same category.

  8. K… I needed that today… I was just talking about this very thing with my friend and you say it so much better! Thanks!

  9. I’ve been losing me lately. I need to find her again. Thank you for the beautiful quote and post.

  10. Catherine says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but as a fellow Northern Utah-ite I am happy to pick you up in the Standard Examiner too. The other editorial writers are good, no question, but your style and voice reflect that of a large population of mothers whose thoughts otherwise go unheard. Can’t wait to read more!