Stay away from the light…

So yesterday my sister-in-law, Robin,┬áturned 53. You wouldn’t know it, she doesn’t look a day over 32.

She’s all sorts of trouble these days, after recently realizing that she’s milk and gluten intolerant. Have you ever tried to bake a cake for someone who can’t eat basic cake ingredients? Let me tell you, it’s a labor of love.

So, like a good little sister, I raided her cupboard of all things non-gluten and started to bake her a cake.

“Whatcha doin’?” Harrison asks me, walking into the kitchen.

“I’m baking Aunt Robin a birthday cake. She’s turning 53!”

“Ohhh,” he says with this angelic look on his face, “Is she going to Heaven now?”

Holy birthday cake, but I love that boy.


  1. Ha, ha! I keep thinking that the annoying “No” and “Mine” phase my 20-month-old is going through will all be worth it when these kinds of gems start tumbling from his mouth.

  2. It’s the wrong time of year for this cake, but here’s a gluten and dairy free cake recipe: clementine cake | smitten kitchen

  3. Here is another recipe lol. I’ve made this one before and it was very yummy!

  4. This is what I do for my mom… I find one of those gluten-free brownie boxed mixes at a specialty food store. I just it as a couple of layers in a brownie ice cream cake. She can eat it all and it still looks and tastes like birthday cake. ­čÖé Plus, it is SO easy.

  5. I love kids! And Jamba Juice too!

  6. Oh! Didn’t even know it was Aunt Robin’s bday. But I love Harrison’s comment. The other day Bryce asked Brody if he could come watch his football games when he’s older….Brody’s answer? “Yeah, if your’re still alive.” Kids are too funny.

  7. Ok, soooo Yesterday was my baby’s birthday too. Kam is now 8 and baptism is coming soon…

    Well, on my 37th birthday, Kameron came and asked me how old I was, I very seriously said, “Older than dirt, Kam, older than dirt.” He replied somberly, “I though so…”

    Gotta love the kids….

  8. kids say the cutest things :)) seriously. i want to start a blog just about things kids say :))