The Ferris Wheel

So we went to the Grays Harbor Fair this weekend. Rex insisted on riding the Ferris Wheel, and the Ferris Wheel insisted that I go with him. Personally, I hate heights and anything that spins, so this put me in a great mood. Here are a few things I suggest you should never do on the Ferris Wheel.

Get on.

With a four-year-old.

Try to clean the face of that four-year-old while you’re waiting 45 minutes for the Ferris Wheel to load.

Attempt to keep the four-year-old from kicking the car in front of you, a struggle which simultaneously rocks your car, despite the big sign that says, “Do Not Rock Cars.”

Look down.

All I can say is, there’s a reason Disney Land doesn’t have a Ferris Wheel, you gettin’ me?


  1. They do freak me out sometimes, especially the one at Lagoon that spins around!

  2. Oh, but Disneyland DOES have a Ferris wheel. It’s in California Adventure. But the cars are impossible to rock. So that might not be so bad.

    Ferris wheels at local fairs are super scary.

  3. So, did the ferris wheel actually TELL you you had to go? Cuz that’s something I’d have liked to see/hear…

  4. I’m recalling doing the California Adventure ferris wheel with a too-small-for-real-rides kid, and feeling sure that I never, ever wanted that particular “adventure” ever again. In California, or anywhere.

    But I love roller coasters. Just not spinny things. Like teacups. Never. Never.

  5. At least you weren’t also being hit on by the carni operator.
    With your kids.
    While flashing your wedding ring.
    As if something couldn’t get more gross and disgusting.

  6. Yeah, Michelle, except he did. Him and his four teeth.

  7. Hi Annie!!!

    My hubby said he saw you at Costco the other day. I’m not sure which Costco or if it was even Costco. But I was thinking of you because Saturday was the one year anniversary of me meeting you. AND the one and ONLY time I’ve ever seen you. I was at the Lacey Market on Saturday. It went well and you were missed….by me. 🙂 Hope all is well.

  8. What I hate the most about ferris wheels – you are a prisioner, stuck on them for what seems like hours, watching people walk by with treats of Elephant ears, deep fried things, garlic fries…can you tell I’m hungry. I think Ferris wheels are only good for teenagers in love.

  9. zstitches says:

    I love Ferris wheels. I took my 3-year-old on one last weekend–I thought my whole family was going to go, but it turned out he and I were the only ones who wanted to. My son sat perfectly still and actually seemed quite nonchalant. The Ferris wheel only went around about four times, and I felt cheated since we’d paid $8 for two tickets.