Find a Food Friend

I was talking to a girlfriend on the phone yesterday and we got on the subject of food, or more specifically, how it can make us fat.

This particular friend is going through what can only be described as a rough patch. In her corner, life is kind of like a cheese grater, all the time. Still, she’s managing to hold it together as good as any roll of duct tape, with the excpetion of one area: her weight.

Because let’s face it, stress and anxiety and awfulness is going to come out somewhere if we don’t make a conscious effort to channel it. She was telling me that in AA they replace the need for alcohol with God, and like any good addict, she sees the need to replace her eating with a higher power.

There is one small problem with being a food addict vs a toxic substance addict. Every single day you have to eat. You can’t just quit. I think it is harder to overcome a food addiction than anything in the world because we can’t escape food, period.

The thing is, no one can do this alone. Not only do you need God in your life for strength and support and Heavenly help, but you need a friend. I know, without a doubt, that if I didn’t have a wonderful girlfriend and an awesome sister available at all hours to talk me down from the pantry ledge, and periodically pry that box of brownie mix out of my stressed out fingers, I would be in a very different place.

The Biggest Loser is now back on prime time, and they’re pretty open about the fact that not only do you need a diet and a trainer, you  need a friend. Successful weight loss hinges on the buddy system. The battle against food cannot be waged by yourself, you need a team of help and support to make it happen.

If you’re in these shoes and wanting to make a change, find a friend. Pray for a friend. You need a flesh and blood supporter who’s available to chat about food or laugh about cravings or give you some outside options. Pick someone who needs support back.

It’s the first step on the road to a happy, healthy life.  Make it.


  1. Will you be my much skinnier friend who makes me feel bad about myself?

  2. So so true!

    Though sometimes my good friends make me feel worse by the fact that they are so skinny and gorgeous!

    I ate so much food today that I feel ill 🙁

    Just thought I’d share …

  3. My cousin used to live down the street from me. Then both of us moved. She was a really good support system – we’d talk about all of our cheese grater-ness. And then we’d go get french fries and popcorn. Sometimes ice cream. Clearly we screwed up that whole concept of “support.” Still, I miss her. sigh.

  4. annie valentine says:

    Kristina, miss gorgeous/funny/amazing amazing person, how could ANYONE ever make you feel bad about yourself? You really should just wear a crown everywhere you go.

  5. The hard part about that is when people are able to see how truly addicted you are. I prefer to have them think I have some semblance of control… 🙂

  6. Melissa’s comment made me laugh. There is nothing better than a gripe and eating session.

  7. You are so wise! I am so glad that I found you!!! Shall I call you my long lost friend!

  8. Annie this is so true I have a friend who I walk with and we also talk about food issues and all.

  9. Yeah you know that’s so true. It’s such a hard habit to kick because you still have to eat. I don’t how many times I’ve said…if I didn’t have to eat to live I’d quit. Because between it adding extra pounds and allergies the food can drive me nuts! Now if I just had friends….


    BTW-I emailed you about your banner but now I’m worried I emailed the wrong place!

  10. Well Annie, Barry is my fiance —we are getting married October 3rd. We were high school sweethearts —-LONG story. You’d have to go back and read some of my other posts for more of a history there.

    and I HATE calories, want my 18 year old figure back again, and yet realizing that will NEVER be. I don’t have a gym around here to go to like I did when in Salt Lake, so I try and get out and walk each day.

  11. This post hits particularly close to home. I need a food friend too.

  12. Love it. Straightforward. Wise. Inspiring. And true.

    You’re awesome.

  13. Good Idea! But first I need to find a friend period! I just moved from Utah to Montana and do not know anyone yet except for a few people at church. I guess I do have my best friend, my husband, but I just don’t know if he would be a help or hindrance. 🙂 I do need to get back on the fitness and weight routine. These past few months have completely thrown off my routine.