Hello, Lasagna.

For those of you who don’t know me in 3D, I take Christmas cards seriously. Very seriously. Like, start in July seriously. Already  my mind is working and thinking and planning and scheming for this year’s creation. One year (before I started writing for real) I wrote up a mock newspaper article about Jason and I, got blank newspaper from the local press, printed and “clipped” it for everyone. I actually had a family member call to see if I could get any more copies of the paper the story ran in. Yeah, I’m that good.

(Okay, now I feel pressure.)

Check out this week’s article for the secrets to my Christmas Card Diet. Because what’s the point of sending out a card without a photo? I hate getting cards without pictures. I love them for remembering us, but I want to SEE them.


  1. “Eating requires balance… and butter.” Truer words, dearest, were never written. Skinny Annie will appear if you, maybe, put a kid strategically in front of your belly paunch. Not that I’ve ever tried it, you know. I’m just thinking. 🙂

  2. Does it include the amazing donut I just ate?

  3. Wow. I’m usually guilt-free if I send around a Christmas email. I think you’ve inspired me.

    (Although I think pregnant people are allowed to skip the picture, right?)

  4. I LOVE lasagna!!

    You have nothing to worry about regarding your sveltnesses on christmas cards!!

  5. Yes-they MUST have pictures! It’s no fun without.

  6. Yeah, I was raised by a parent who’s parent is a great depression veteran, too. Clean plates are not just a show of gratitude for the food but a compliment to the chef. It’s a hard habit to break. Especially when grammy breaks into tears when there’s leftovers on your plate.

  7. I try to eat on a small plate…you know…a dessert plate. Sometimes I pile it too high or fill it twice but darnit…I eat on that small plate!

  8. I agree. Each year I feel gypped when I open Christmas cards sans family fotos. Not even worth the postage. Cliche but true: a pic is sooo worth 1,000 words!

    PS: Sounds like you handle Christmas cards like my sis handles Halloween. By February she has the entire cast of her family figured out, costumed from head to toe. Me, I’m the one rummaging through closets for our “dress up” organizer bin the night of our ward Trunk or Treat to schlep it together. Lucky thing, my kids don’t seem to mind.