How to make a woman’s day in three words or less.

Thursday, October 1st, marks my wedding decade. Considering the fact that every pebble we’ve trampled this year has been singled out and celebrated, the party has kind of lost some of it’s initial zing. We already took our anniversary trip, what more is there?

And so, we’ve decided to celebrate on Friday, October 2nd, at the BYU game. With Jason’s dad and brother. And Bronco. And The Team. That’s right, all of Jason’s favorite people in one big happy stadium.

But hey, I’m a good sport and recognize that it’s his anniversary too, why not do something for him this year? (Did that sound convincing? Cause I’ve been really working on my tone…)

“Hey,” Jason says this morning, “Make sure you’ve got a babysitter for Thursday night.”

“Friday,” I say. “You mean Friday.”

“No, I mean Thursday.” I turn around to set him straight and that’s when I see it–his eye is all twinkly-like.

“Why? What’s Thursday?” I suddenly feel like a puppy who’s about to be taken for a walk.

“Our anniversary. We need a sitter.”

“I know it’s our anniversary, but I thought we were celebrating on Friday, with your dad and brother,” was that too transparent?

“Well, don’t you want some time alone with me?”

That’s like asking a women if she’d like a piece of Adam’s Peanut Butter Fudge Cup Ripple. Of course I want alone time.

“What? What are we doing?”

And that’s when he says it, those magical little words that all husbands should memorize and use annually.

“It’s a surprise.”

A surprise? For me? Something you planned, because you love me, that you know I’ll like, because you love me, that includes just us and no extended family or offspring or trips to the hardware store? Could there be anything more wonderful and magical for an attention-starved woman than the knowledge that her man has customized something just for her?

If men only knew how easy we were. Forgot our birthday? No problem! Just say, “It’s a surprise,” buckle us in the car and drive to The Outback. Ta da! We’re sold.

Just because something is a surprise doesn’t mean it has to be big or grand or obnoxiously colorful. A good surprise doesn’t need extra people or props, nor does it have to break the bank. A bucket of KFC and a romantic park at twilight and we’re putty, putty I say. And hey, if you ask us we’ll even get the babysitter for you.

I don’t care if we end up at Cafe Rio splitting a burrito on Thursday, at this moment and for the rest of the week, I feel special. More than special, I feel special to Jason. And while I love the rest of the world, he’s the one, the one who counts.

Saints preserve us, I adore that man.


  1. I completely agree. My husband is awesome, but with surprises, not so much. He needs a lot of direction, but every once in a while, he will pick somewhere to eat without telling me and I love it.

  2. Aww-have fun on Thursday! And I’ll be sharing that stadium with you come Oct. 2:)

  3. Love surprises! Enjoy yours!!!

  4. Very Jason. Enjoy Thursday 🙂

  5. I umm… hate being surprised. So maybe not for me.

  6. Those kind of surprises, I like. Surprise birthday parties–not so much. Hate in fact. But planned alone time with just me and the beloved? That’s a surprise I can’t get enough of!

    Have a wonderful time and make sure to tell us all about it!!!

  7. So fun. Yea, husbands. Enjoy it all – especially the football.

  8. While I am not adverse to spending my anniversary with the BYU football team (not that my anniversary happens in football season), you’re right. Surprises are the best.

    Happy Anniversary!

    And we did our 10th anniversary trip a month before the actual date too. It was kind of a let down.

  9. I agree, sometimes I just want to see that he’s made an effort, that he went to all of the trouble on his own! But currently, I just downplay events so that I am not disappointed. Which would be mostly my fault anyway.

  10. Oh wow, happy anniversary! (I’m actually really hoping the baby will come on the 1st.) LOL

    Btw, I wanted to tell you that on Saturday Que and I went to pick up our birth mom at her work to take her to lunch and she was wearing the shirt you gave her. (Yes, she fits in it, 8.5 mos. pregnant) She loves it! Thank you again!

  11. I think I love surprises so much because I just don’t want to think about anything anymore. When you have to make all the decisions all the time, it is so special when he picks it up and does something just for you! Love it!
    Oh, and HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Hope its awesome!

  12. I might leave this post up by “accident” the next time My Man is sitting down at the computer.

  13. It’s almost like the man has had 10 years of training! Well done!

  14. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful Surprise Anniversary evening with your sweet and thoughtful husband. Enjoy every second of it.

  15. They really should have lessons on this kind of thing in priesthood. Happy anniversary to you both.

  16. oooh exciting! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  17. AAAHHH…it’s just so darn sweet. You have a great evening.

  18. I’m so very tempted to forward this to my husband. And booya for you for being welcome to man around with him too 🙂

  19. Girls really need the anticipation. The date lasts days longer because we’re anticipating that our hubbys cared enough to think of us and say the magic words, “it’s a surprise”. Fab post Annie!

  20. SO true. So true, in fact, I am leaving this post open so that my husband can read it tonight 🙂