Hugh Jackman attack

Apparently, Hugh Jackman is the best thing that ever happened to my blog.

Here, let me remind you.

Hugh Jackman minus one shirt

I hear that Nichole Kidman was disapointed in Australia and, in fact, wished that she a Hot Hugh had never filmed the movie. I’m sorry, but has she seen this picture? Can anyone honestly tell me (with the exception of my darling husband) that the world is not a better place because of it? (Jason has not seen this movie yet. For some reason, he keeps dragging his feet about it.)

Here’s the thing about Hugh Jackman. According to my blog, at least fifty fans google this man every single day. How do I know this? Because they all land on this post. Amazing that some rinky dink post I wrote once that was nothing more than an excuse to avoid cleaning the toilets has become my shining star of journalism.

For the record, my husband seems to tolerate Hugh’s place in my life. This is probably due to the fact that Jason is the most non-jealous individual that has ever walked the face of the earth. I think he would farm me out on date night during football season without blinking an eye.

In fact, we went out on Friday and I saw an old man in the restaurant sitting with a much younger woman. It gave me an idea for some quick cash.

“Honey,” I say, “I should hire myself out as a dinner companion for sad old men. Just think of how much fun I could be!”

He looked at me for a moment, shrugged, and said, “As long as you don’t kiss any of them, it’s fine with me.” Right. Kissing strange men for money.

And right then and there I realized that prostitution is probably a dangerous and slippery slope. “What? You thought you were paying me for that? But I’m just here for stimulating conversation!” Let’s just say I’ll not be persuing a career in escort services.


  1. I love your Australia post. It’s probably my very favorite. (That one or your Ms Gray’s harbor, that one’s a classic.) I’ve read it to the majority of my family. And coworkers. And people I could get to stand still long enough.

  2. Have I told you recently that I’m over Hugh Jackman? I think he’s probably as hairy as Wolverine in real life.

  3. I won’t lie. I’ve looked up that post of yours again. Yummalicious.

  4. annie valentine says:

    Say what you want Kristina, there’s no such thing as getting over Hugh Jackman. Personally, there’s nothing like a hairy chest. With soapy water running down it.

  5. Thank you Annie, thank you thank you thank you.
    Kristina, I’ll take him all…Wolverine hair and all.
    Annie thank you again.

    and again.

  6. Not only is Hugh the best thing that ever happened to your blog, but I’m fairly sure he’s the best thing that ever happened to the media-world in general.

    • you got that right! if it werent 4 him, there would be no wolverine! NOOOO! hugh is the best man for the charater wolverine! i luv him

  7. Wow, now maybe you’ll get 100 hits thanks to Hugh!!!

  8. A little YW in my ward was trying to convince me that Hugh Jackman was a hot hottie. I guess Iw asn’t looking at the right pictures. LIke that one. Haha.

    I love seeing where people land on my blog. Interesting stuff.

  9. I am so not over Hugh! He is my dream boat! YUMMY! I need to go repent, my thoughts have strayed.

  10. Really? How slippery, do you suppose? Because a night of scrabble and chit chat for MONEY … I could TOTALLY do that job!

  11. i don’t understand this hugh jackman thing… does that make me a bad person? my roommate seems to think it does.

    • yes it does. lol. if u never heard of hugh jackman. u havent been in this galaxy! do you like him? if you said yes, ur o.k.


  13. Amber McAffee says:

    That shot right there is true art. A lovely picture to cherish and look at for hours on end! I dragged my feet seeing that movie–I mean, the same guy who did “Moulin Rouge”? Ick. But Nicole Kidman was palatable, it was better than I thought and after all, Hugh was in it!

  14. Hugh Jackman is hot hot hot!!!!! I will take this picture to the grave.
    Seriously, who wouldnt want to touch that beautifull body? even if its hairy!?

  15. I have to say, I was running a search for some Hugh Jackman pix to use as my Facebook profile pix when I came across your blog. I too have a huge crush on Jackman, and a very non-jealous, understanding husband who looks mildly amused as I oogle the beautiful Aussie from time to time. (He has his own mild crush on Angelina Jolie, so I guess we’re even in a way.) And I also think Australia was a good movie, although I haven’t seen all of it yet. I would love to loop the water scene. Yummy!

  16. Carol Ciortan says:

    Hugh crazy me…. too! Non- jealous husband is sending me to NYC to see Hugh in A Steady Rain….Whoo Hoo! Life IS Good!

  17. Hugh Jackman is amazing! Nichole Kidman…oh my god…she has a huge problem if she wishes that they didn’t make that movie. i loved it..amazing film. : ) Hugh Jackma : without him…there wouldn’t have been that whole sexiest man alive thing! he abviously is the hunk of the century.