Just one more reason to stick my head in the oven.

My husband left us yesterday.

Don’t worry, he’ll be back on Friday.

What is it about Jason going out of town that  makes me revert to single lifestyle behavior? For instance, instead of blowing my hair out, I let it air dry today. Hello Jane Austen, it is so good that I don’t live in the pre-hair dryer era. I look like I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet.

And I made a huge list of things that should be attended to (like toilets) this week, but upon waking up to a big empty bed, thought to myself, what’s the point? No one important is peeing here this week, why kill myself off?

Because let’s face it. I don’t do solitude. I am far to extroverted to enjoy the conversationless peace and quiet of an evening to myself. I get all anxious and start monologueing in my brain about things that shouldn’t be bothering me, and worrying that I said/did something sometime to offend someone, just because they didn’t greet me with a double cheek kiss last month when we ran into each other in the grocery store.

That’s when I start to call people. Be so glad you’re not on my speed dial. (It is critical that I do not partake of caffeinated beverages during these times. They turn me into an anxious, chatty, energizer bunny.)

When it comes right down to it, I need people. I’m lucky to have a best friend that lives just down the road and is willing to smack me around a little when I get like this. What would we do without girlfriends to attend us?

Let me tell you, I tried talking to Jason during his lunch break today, and I think he’s slightly worried about my babysitting ability. (Really, I know that just because we have a few rats that come down from the hill to run through our backyard doesn’t necessarilly mean we’ll soon be struck with the Black Plague, but still. A person can’t be too careful.)

Just another manic Monday.


  1. Well I’m glad you got to come and party with us on Saturday! Wish you could have stayed longer!

  2. Ok. True. But. On the bright side, everyone in your house can be thoroughly happy with cold cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, right? So in the kitchen, you win.
    Good luck this week.

  3. Yeah I need people too. Hence why I BEG for people to comment on my blog! I don’t get out much up here in isolation! But yeah I go a bit batty!

  4. I do the same thing, accept that when it does happen that my husband is out of town, it seems that everyone else is too. Maybe I should take the hint and stop trying to drag everyone into my boring life.

  5. Annie,
    Here is the link to that blog I was telling you about.. http://sherriejohnson.blogspot.com
    This lady really lifts my spirits!!

  6. I live on the phone, no day is complete without me making seveal long calls. It keeps me sane. While my husband was home recently for an extended period of time he kept asking if I could cope with the children if he went out!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did he think I managed for the past 12 years?

  7. I seriously hate it when my husband must leave for whatever reason. I can’t do it either, and I seriously drag when he’s gone. What is that all about? I should be able to get so much more done, but it’s like he’s my energy source or something.

  8. I have always enjoyed speaking more than one syllable words at a time. Good luck!

  9. I think –maybe not–that as you get older, you don’t NEED constant communication with people. I am a total people person, but I am learning to be more at peace with “myself”, besides, myself likes me ALL the time and is nicer to me then anyone else ——–well maybe not—–I am pretty hard on myself sometimes. Maybe that was wishful thinking. (tee,hee)
    I am rambling, people do that when THEY ARE ALONE ALOT.
    Now that I am in the country, and in a new place I HAVE NOT ONE SINGLE GIRLFRIEND to chat girly things with.
    I am happy, but do miss my friends and family.
    think I’ll go talk to myself some more

  10. This is exactly how I am when my husband is gone. Rats down the hill, huh? Hopefully they’re the french, cooking variety.