Personal Tragedy

Writing this week’s column left salt water all over my keyboard. If you’ve ever been or hope to be a parent, you’ll probably understand why.


  1. Very good Annie and thanks for all of the tears on my keyboard now. I am thanking my lucky stars my 6 year old has a September bday and is just now starting K. I will remember to cherish every trip to Target and the park this year. I can’t stand the thought of him not being a part of my regular-run errands-make lunch-fill up the afternoons-life.

    We’ve been a duo for a long time and it will be hard to give that up next year. I just told my MIL this morning I didn’t think I’d cry when he gets on the K bus Thursday. Thanks a lot…I think I will now!

  2. *sniffle* – good post. I’m there with you, baby, but it’s my last one, not my first. Is it possible that we’re really nearly the same age? My baby starts Kindergarten this week, and as much as I hate it, the drop-off, the pick-up, with barely time to sweep the floor and read a few too many blogs in between, I am glad I’ll have him for a few hours in the afternoon.

  3. Totally sad…how is it that you can say, so well, exactly what everyone is feeling and make me cry. I have been fine with Carter starting school, until now…thanks a lot. I don’t think I’ve done my job well now that you ask all those questions! Great. When I dropped Carter off the first day of school, I stood behind him as he sat in his spot at the table. I wasn’t sure if I should stay or go…nothing was going on in the class and I didn’t want to just abandon him. I asked him, “Carter, I don’t know what to do, do you want me to stay or should I go?” He, without looking up at me said, “You should go.” “You want me to go?” “Yeah, just go.” I was proud and heartbroken at the same time. He has all day Kindergarten…too young for all day in my opinion, but maybe I just miss him!

  4. I am off to hold my little boy and enjoy the time before he grows up and goes off to school! I can’t even think about it. Home school???

  5. Where’d your Obama post go? I’d love to read the comments, etc…

  6. You put my feelings into words perfectly! My oldest just started all day Kindergarten (the only option in my area). I feel like I am turning her over to someone else to be raised. Every day when I drop her off I wonder if I did a good enough job “instilling” our values for her to survive the real world. Of course I figured that most parents feel this, but it was nice to see it in print:) Thanks!

  7. Yikes! Now that I think about it, I can imagine you’d get a lot of unwelcome feedback for that Obama post. I’m sorry to hear that.

    I found your blog through LRS (I think? I should start writing this stuff down..) and enjoy it very much. Thanks!

  8. It doesn’t get any better even when they are a little older. I am always so glad when the summer holidays are over but then cry on the first day of school. I worry all day about how they are with new teachers and routines. Look on the bright side in England they start full time school at 4!!. I had to hand them over and walk away from tiny 4 year olds. Primary is 4 to 11, and secondary is 11 to 18. Middle child just started secondary and it killed me.

  9. This is how I feel every single day my kids go to school. Every. Single. Day. You’d think I’d just homeschool them but I can’t. If I never give them any sort of wings, they’ll never learn to fly. But man, I wish I’d clipped them sometimes.

  10. Simply fantastic. What a wonderful tribute.