5 minutes to Kat

Forgive me, I don’t have any pictures on my camera from last night’s Halloween party because we forgot to take the camera. But do not fear, I’m having another go at it tonight and will be sure to make Jason snap lots of photos. Besides, I only had five minutes to throw my makeup on and it looked pretty sloppy. One thing about Kat’s makeup, it’s never sloppy. I looked a little more like Kat in Drag than anything.

But the party!! Oh, the party was a smashing success. Seriously, it went off almost without a hitch (we were a little late getting the food out, but there was so much other stuff that it didn’t matter. Besides, the fire alarm only got pulled once).

And let me tell you, from now on, I will rent a Bounce Slide for every single ward function we have, sacrament included (if the Bishop will let me), because the four and under crowd played on that thing for hours. My two youngest were so exhausted that they fell into bed without a peep and didn’t move a muscle until morning.

And the spook ally’s! The youth had spook ally’s all over the church, and after we’d carnivaled in the gym for a good hour + , eaten and announced the costume contest results, we dismissed all the kids to the spook ally’s. It was so good my six year old was actually in tears.

And what do you think I did last night after finally collapsing in bed? I laid awake for an hour ruminating about the ward Christmas party. (It’s going to be a dinner theater production and I’m going to arrange babysitting for the little kids and a movie for the slightly older little kids, and we’re going to have…)

Some people might call this behavior excessive or just plain crazy, but in our church we prefer the word magnify. Like magnifiscent. Which is what the Christmas party will be. I think He deserves it.


  1. a dinner theater? yeah, you were clearly meant for that calling. and I am going to start crashing all your ward parties.

  2. I need pictures!!!

  3. I’m so glad it turned out well. Congratulations!!! You’re right. He does deserve it. =]

  4. You need to come be our ward activities director, I would love to have a bounce slide during Sacrament…and yes, I’d probably go down it too!

  5. I want you to move to my ward.

  6. Nice job WA Director. Can you please get some of that to rub off on your dear sis? Apparently she nixed the ward carnival a few years ago so she wouldn’t have to dress her kids up twice in their costumes. Lame. Sorry Jen, if you read this-love ya, but still….lame.

  7. ACTIVITIES CHAIRMAN ——-whow, yikes, holy crapola.
    I couldn’t do it. I am not a good planner. I like GOING to parties, especially well planned ones. And it sounds like you are the perfect person for that. I liked your definition of Magnify your calling.
    I’d be a nervous wreck. the Bishop would feel bad that it drove me to self-induced drugs.
    and I want to see the photos………….

  8. and if I were planning the Christmas party —I’d say “this is a Scrooge Christmas party” which means GO HOLD YOUR OWN FREAKING CHRISTMAS PARTY.

    Guess that’s why I have NEVER been approached to be the activities chairman.

  9. Can you please move to my ward?

  10. Glad it was a riot. Bounce house=truth.

  11. I think it’s wonderful what you’re doing in your church and your community. We don’t celebrate Halloween much where I come from but we do love Christmas. Calendars are always full in December what with Christmas parties for each and every social group you belong to. :p

    Great writing, smart and funny. Thanks!

  12. I just love that you went to a ward function in a bustier.