Fat Tracy is in so much trouble.

Finally got around to watching The Biggest Loser tonight.

Okay, Tracy, as a woman, I can overlook a lot of things. Obesity? No problem. Hospitalization? Go for it. Coming into the game a week late and doing your best to ruin any chance you have of fitting in/making friends/building a trusting relationship with your trainers? GO HOME.

In case you’re not watching the show this season (shame on you), Tracy passed out during the pre-game show and loped onto the ranch a week late. In her very very desperate attempt be in total control (she obviously has issues there), she jumped at the first twinkie they threw her way and traded a week’s worth of training for her AND her partner (without consulting him) for a two pound advantage.

That’s right. Two. Pounds. In a show where people are dropping double digits every stinking week (sans the TRAIN-ERS), she didn’t even wait around for the four pound advantage.

Then, after a massive verbal beating from Jillian (who is freaky good at beatings in general), what does she go and do? She jumps right back into the game 24 hours later and eats 400 calories of cupcakes just to win control of the game.

(On a personal note, I don’t think 400 calories of cupcakes could possibly hurt anyone who is exercising 27 hours a day, and in fact, the only two people who did well on the scales ate cupcakes this week. But I regurgitate.)

The big problem came at the end. This girl had the nerve to LIE to all the teams who came and begged for mercy. That’s right, they asked if she’d cut them slack, she promised she would, then when push came to shove and they actually stepped up on the scales, she screwed every. Single. One.

Why can’t people just be honest? When they asked her, why didn’t she just say, “Look, I see what you’re saying, but I didn’t eat those cupcakes so I could go home, I ate them to stay in the game. So I’m sorry, but I’ve got to go with my gut here (pun intended) and sacrifice that fatty over there.” I can respect that. But telling straight faced lies? So totally uncool.

Makes me wonder how many times she lied to herself about how many cupcakes she ate (did you see that part?).


  1. Yum. Cupcakes.

  2. I ate FOUR??! Huh, I thought I only ate three….

  3. Yeah-what about her freaky eyes? Seriously, the second she starts to comprehend how the trainers will feel, or what she’s done, her eyes get all big…it frightens me. I hate how she treated Coach Mo, but I’m glad Jillien got mad at him for not taking a stand. If I was him I swear, I’d beat her!

  4. annie valentine says:

    You know, after a few cupcakes I started to feel sick from all that sugar…

  5. Barbara, I have to agree about the freaky eyes! Do you think she’s already planning her insanity defense?
    I couldn’t believe that it didn’t take her any time at all to upset the trainers again.

  6. I haven’t seen this show. Although I probably ought to be a participant. 😉

  7. I’ve been waiting for you to post on this. Hallelujah!

    I could just say ditto and be done. Although, I will add that I love Coach Mo and I’m so bummed he’s paired with her.

  8. She really does have freaky eyes, I can’t say I like her at all! Time for girlfriend to go home. I get that its a game but you dont make enemys this early on.

  9. Hey several of us bloggers, me, T, April, Barbaloot, and possibly Queen are all going to the BYU game tonight. I am in section 104, so be looking for my screaming nutty face.

  10. Ohhh…..i’m so glad you posted on this. I agree with everything. However, how did she lose 11 pounds?!? Also, I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help but feel bad for her when everyone was yelling at her. Even though she got herself into the predicament…..she must have a lying problem.

  11. Shame on me. I don’t watch TBL.

  12. Holy crap am I glad you wrote this because I have been FUMING over Tracy’s behavior! Even my kids were irate! She has those crazy eyes that I can’t stand. I couldn’t believe that she had the audacity to try and make it all about HER at the elimination table, trying to make herself look like the victim. Tracy, I’m sorry to have to tell you that you suck.

  13. OH!! And then she LOST 11 FREAKIN’ POUNDS!! WHAT THE CRAP??!!

  14. Those 11 lbs were probably just fluid loss after being in the hospital on an IV drop. I think she’s in trouble next week.

  15. Annie, I am so fuming over Tracy too!! I so hope she gets below the yellow line she is a goner for sure. I just do not understand her thinking for 2 lbs she gave Jillian an Bob up!!! That girl is crazy. My husband says she is a mole LOL

  16. AAA-stinkin’ MEN!! It seems we have another “Vicky” on our hands (as my 12 year old said).

  17. Girl I could put away 6 cupcakes, easy but I could not lie like that.

  18. Don’t watch the show, either. It conflicts with my after-eating-a-sensible-dinner-raiding-of-my-sugar-stash.

  19. I didn’t mind so much that she threw the women under the bus. When she asked them if they had her back they totally hedged the question and avoided answering. Tracy said to the camera that if they didn’t have her back why should she have theirs, but I was NOT cool with the Shay bit. Not. At. All. Tracy needs to go, and go soon!

  20. *by women I meant the pink team…

  21. and after ALL that went on . . . . . did you notice that they didn’t even give Tracy her two pound advantage!!! On the lying . . . . she’s either doing that or is really stupid, can’t figure out which:)

  22. annie valentine says:

    Tina, I totally noticed that. They must really hate her over there. I still hold to the fact that when you hit a weight loss plateau, you should eat a cupcake.

  23. Annie . . . . totally agree, give the body what it wants. . . . my problem is . . . . it get what it wants ALL THE TIME!

  24. 🙂 🙂

  25. girlsmama says:

    Amen! I really don’t like her or her value system.