Painful Consequences

Wow I’m needy.

Seriously, this is day five. That’s right, I’m looking at over 120 hours of childless reckless abandon. It’s been good for my soul, to be sure, but right now, the only thing my soul needs are a few peanut butter sandwiches and some snotty nose kisses.

I talked to Grandma today and found it very refreshing. She’s currently watching June and Rex while I’m gone. I was thrilled to hear that my 22 month old hasn’t changed a bit. She’s still up at six yelling, “Gramma, where are you?” followed by 14 fun filled hours where she doesn’t let the adults in her life get one single thing done (except making dinner, which my MIL managed to throw together during June’s all too brief afternoon nap). The rest of her week has been spent talking to, reading to, staring at, holding, and playing with my totally demanding little pistol.

This afternoon the June Bug finally lost it. She woke up from her nap demanding the whereabouts of her mother. They called us, and Grandma put a sobbing June on the phone. I quickly explained that I’ll be home tomorrow, flying on the airplane, so sorry, blah blah blah. She was silent during the Big Excuse (never felt so guilty in my life), and when I was finished, all my baby said in her downright bossy little voice was, “I want Daddy!” I passed the phone off and he gave her a similarly guilt-ridden speech. Once we were done talking to her, she was done talking to us, and we were promptly dismissed.

I must say, I can’t wait to get home, and at the same time, I’m kind of terrified of the little tyrant that awaits. Do you realize that the rest of my month will be spent guiltily slaving away to her every whim, trying to make up for my delinquent mommy behavior?

I’m so excited to get back I feel positively shakey.


  1. Ok, so I just got back last week from our little weekend without kids. It was wonderful. But…dare I shoot you a little advice, don’t you give into that cutie June. Act like nothing is wrong, give her a good hug and move on. Otherwise you will let your guilt run amuck, and you shouldn’t be having any guilt. She’ll forget in a few days that you ever left her and your time away was good for you!

  2. I hear you about wanting to come hoem. Shelley’s advice was good so I won’t add mine but I’ll tell you that once you’re home, you’ll wonder why you were in a rush to be there. And then the next time you go away, you’ll feel the same longing to be back. It’s just part and parcel of motherhood. It’s good to love and be loved.

  3. Amen, too. Big hug, sloppy kiss, and back to business. Repeat after me: I am the boss of me. I am the boss of me. I am the boss of me.

  4. hahaha When I went up to Girls Camp for the week, I was so ready to come home and love on my kids, when I got to my Aunt’s to pick them up my oldest pushed me away and didn’t want to leave. Yeah, there was lots of crying…from ME! 😀

  5. Enjoy your time with your husband. Your children will appreciate you more when you’re home! Plus you deserve this vacation!

  6. Kids, they really do hold all the cards! Hope you have been having lots of fun!!!

  7. It’s nice to come home! And it’s even nicer to come home to a clean house and clean children.

    That’s the part I love!