The power of snot

I hate flu season. I especially hate it when I’ve put off vaccinations only to find out that we missed the first batch and have to wait until Thanksgiving for the second round.

But my main reason for hating flu season? I can’t take the June Bug to nursery on Sunday if her nose has even the teensiest drip.

This is a good rule, I totally support this rule, but I could curse her dratted drippy nose right about now. See, I get a break from the other two with school and preschool, but nursery on Sunday is the only time during the week where I get to shove her off on some other unsuspecting adult without feeling guilty. That equals two restful hours where I don’t have to constantly pay attention to her.

Like right now. She’s supposed to be in bed, napping. But I can hear her, about five feet behind me, being unsuccessfully sneaky and totally naughty. Maybe if I don’t turn around, I won’t have to deal with her. Maybe if I close my eyes and try really hard to ignore her, she’ll decide she really is sleepy after all, sneak back to her bed, and GO TO SLEEP.

I love her, but I really hate flu season.


  1. Wow, I wish they’d enforce that rule in my nursery! how do you guys do it?!

  2. I know several people who had their whole church cancelled because of the flu!

  3. My son has two weeks until he can go into nursery, so help me he will go in there runny nose or not! I need me a break! 😉

  4. You could always try shoving little wads of toilet paper up her nose…….
    Ok, I’m not that mean, but I SO get you. I love my children. And I tend to love them even more when I don’t see them for a couple of hours.

  5. Kim Haynes says:

    I get the whole running nose thing,but it’s been a few years and no one stopped any runny nose’s or kids with a fever from nursery, back in the old days.So if it’s a clear runny nose it should be okay,that could be just allergy’s.If it’s the green runny nose,they should stay home. Yea, for you with so much going on and still writing a blog!It’s so boring nothing to read.I think maybe they should have a separate nursery for sick kids, enter at your own risk.(for the mom’s who need a break.) Okay, that would be every mom.

  6. I think, going off of Kim’s comment, that they should have a crazy mother room. Kind of like a padded cell, but where mothers can go and rant and rave and kids aren’t invited.

  7. annie valentine says:

    Isn’t that what the Mother’s Lounge is for? Rocking chairs and all, who needs a baby? I can’t wait to have another kid just so I can escape into the peace and quiet of the Mother’s Lounge.

  8. I hate flu season too. It just so happens to coincide with a lack of sunlight. That proves that its evil.

  9. Just remember, I’m IN the nursery, with my June aged baby and 7 others just like him. You should feel guilty, VERY guilty! lol. Just kidding…I think. I so need to be released. We missed last Sunday due to fevers, but let me tell ya, I do NOT appreciate hearing all the coughing in church when we did go. For the love people, I do NOT want the love! Sorry Annie, hope her nose clears up soon. I’m hear with two 102 degree kidlets. sigh.

  10. Annie, I would have you call my bishop, but sadly he will not be moved. I called to talk to him about being released after the 6 months of nightmarish sickness my family went through. You know what he did? He released the OTHER lady in there instead of me! What the?? I keep telling my husband that I’m going to hand William to the bishop to hold for sacrament so that I can actually listen, and maybe drink the water without spilling it on myself. I wonder if he’d go for it…