Hot Glue Gun Queen of the Universe

I now have a craft room. (I will post pictures tomorrow, girl’s camp honor.)

With a craft room comes great crafty responsibility. I can no longer piddle away the day on non-important things like laundry and blogging, I’m now accountable to make this space produce something more substantial than the random pair of hemmed pants.

So I’m making a ton of my kid’s Christmas gifts this year. I would lay out my To-Sew list for you, but that means I’d have to follow through with everything, so instead I’ll just show you each little bit as it comes to life.

I started with the stick horses. When I decided to make Junie a stick horse, I wanted it to be uber cutestie and totally feminine, without being pink or purple. After two hours of cutting and pinning and glueing and flossing, I’d like to introduce you to Sparkles, the sweetest little pony you’ve ever met in your entire life.

Seriously, I’m totally in love with her, but there’s a problem. Sparkles is covered in little silver sequins. Junie found a scrap of Sparkles’ fabric and what do you think she did with it? She immediately chewed off all the sparkles. (I know, seriously? Who is this child? In case you need a visual of typical Junie behavior, here’s one from yesterday. Gotta love how her eyes are actually rolled back in her head with total gluttonous gratification.)

It was a sign–she will kill this pony. All the things that make Sparkles dainty and girly and cute would be wasted on my wild little cowgirl.

So the other day while I was at the fabric store picking up some odds and ends, I walked past this bolt of fabric and it practically attacked me. I couldn’t walk away, succombed to half a yard, and went home wondering why I’d blown $4 on something without a place.

But after Sparkles was off the floor, I pulled that fabric down and the minute it was in my hands, I knew. This was meant to be June’s pony. Sparkles? She’s got my niece Meara’s name written all over her, but June needs a horse of a different color.

And so, with no further adeau, I am pleased to present to you Naughty Nellie, my all-time favorite creation next to my own darling children. She’s stickless at the moment, but I couldn’t wait to get her out there for the whole world to see. She’s wild and naughty and looks like hours of cowgirl fun. Personally, I would like to have a crack at her, just to see if she’s as delightful as she looks.

I don’t even want to think of the trouble those two are going to get into.

(PS – If you’re looking for a stick pony or stick horse pattern, good luck. I spent an entire day searching for one and in the end made my own. None of the pattern books carry them anymore. Stupid overpriced patterns, who needs them.)


  1. I was super impressed way before I found out you made your own patterns! Will your talent ever end?!?
    And I think Naughty Nellie looks way cuter with June’s pink little boots anyway. Ya done good kid!

  2. WOW. awesome Annie. I’ve been wanting to make a stick horse for Sam, looks like I’ll be copying you.
    I love the pink one way more, and that picture of June is hilarious.
    I want to see more of your awesome projects! maybe it’ll give me some ideas!
    So jealous of your craft room.

  3. I think this makes me now hate you. Beautiful and talented? Where will it end!!

  4. love the ice cream photo. And I could so not do a craft room justice. Now a blogging room or a chocolate eating room or a hiding from my children room . . . I could really do some genius work in those.

  5. Way to go! I can’t believe you made your own pattern! Sparkles is adorable and sweet….Naughty Nellie totally looks like an untamed wild horse (well, except for the bridal she’s sporting…it is a bridal right?) Love them!

  6. I have to agree with Kristina…I’m so coveting your impressive skills. But I will stop coveting because that’s un-Marjorie Hinkley like. Instead I will congratulate your awesomeness, because really, those horses are awesome, ESPECIALLY Naughty Nellie.

  7. You completely deserve all the status that having a craft room deserves. And I’m not happy about it.

  8. Awesome, this must be the year of the stick pony in our family. My mom is supposed to be making all of the grandkids stick ponies this year. I’d better see if she’s actually gotten on that…

    I love your ponies and that one SO fits Meara, Junie’s is perfect for her. Way to go!

  9. I think both Sparkles and Naughty-Nellie are beautiful! Well done, Annie! That looks like a lot of work!

  10. Oh my :)) So cute! I am so jealous of you! I wish I could so. Alas, I can’t. I’m horrid at anything artsy and cutesy. Oh well. Your kids are going to LOVE the presents! Home made is always best!!

  11. You rock!!! I love the stick horse! Talented you are!!! I feel inspired to use my craft area. Can’t wait to see what you have done with yours.

  12. I actually like the second one better too–TOTALLY ADORABLE! I gotta say, I’m completely jealous, I wish I had a craft room! (Or any room for that matter!)

  13. That is so impressive. I love Naughty Nellie. Very perfect. And good thing you took pics – before the “love-fest” begins and Nellie loses all her pom-poms!

  14. I loved Sparkles but Naughty nellie is my favorite what a wild horse and so perfect for little Junie. You are the best.

  15. Oh wow you are super talented! Those are fantastic! i love them both! Reminds me of the christmas I bought my oldest a kitchen. She was in the i will pull off every single sticker off anything kind of phase so I spent the night painting every sticker with finger nail polish! Held up for a few months LOL.
    Will you be sharing your awesome pattern?? I hope so you rock!

  16. Too cute, too cute, too cute!! I love to sew, and those horses almost make me wish I had someone young enough to make one for. Almost. I wouldn’t mind some of that ice cream, either.

  17. Whoa! You are super talented my Lady! I love both of those horses and to learn you made your own pattern… ummm hello??? I am so not creative and so not able to do something like that and so I am very envious. I agree with you on the pony for June… LOVE IT!!

  18. Absolutely love your ponies! I also looked for a pattern forever because I was making them for party favors and I found a tutorial on ehow (the exact link is on my blog). I made 12 of them in a moment of insanity but sorry to report they were pink and purple. 🙂

  19. Silly, sell your pattern online as a download!!!

  20. waaayyyyy cute!! my friend just started selling her pattern for a stick horse on etsy. She’s helping me make 4 for my little ladies.