A dillema of Twilight proportions

Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no.

I have been faced with one of the worst moral dillemas known to girlkind. There’s an old addage that claims the worst decision is a choice between two good things.

And here I am, and now I have to choose between two totally awesome and amazing things. What’s it going to be?

Jason or Michael?

Santa wasn’t just good to my kids, but he apparently reads my blog. Because what do you think he left me this Christmas? A ticket. A beautiful, golden (actually it’s just a credit card receipt) ticket to the Michael Buble Crazy Love concert (currently making it’s way to Salt Lake City) with my dear-dear-friend Tricia.

Oh holy hannah, it was almost a perfect moment. Then Jason said this.

“By the way, the concert happens during the same week I’m going to Florida.”

I sat there looking at him, the word “concert” reverberating through my Michael infected mind.

“Huh?” I say.

“I said, if you want to go to the concert, you won’t be able to go to Florida with me.”

See, Jason gets one chance each year to take a week of training in Florida. On the beach. By the ocean. And I get to go with him.

I went last year and must tell you, it was the most recharging, free vacation I’ve ever had in my life. I plowed through novels and got five shades of red laying out on the beach.

The dillema is even greater because Jason is leaving me for five weeks in February to go to some big kid spy camp, so this vacation is kind of critical to my children’s safety and their mother’s sanity.

And thusly I sit. Wracked with torment. What do I do? Who do I choose? How could this be???

You know, I’m really feeling for Bella Swan right about now.


  1. No contest, Florida. One week, Husband, no kids, vacation, beach, quiet vs a few hours of musical pleasure. Go to Florida girl!

  2. Michael’s just one night. Florida’s several days.

    No question in my mind. Go with the honey. You can ask Santa to bring Buble back.

  3. Jason. No debate. One week compared to one night?! c’mon. Michael Buble will be touring forever.

  4. Can you make sweet love to Michael on the warm sand? Dilemma solved.

  5. Hmmm. Florida. Or else you’d have to watch the kids for the whole week.

  6. This is so easy. Buble all the way. You have eternity with those life-sucking children OOPS! lovely offspring of yours. And Jason? Puh-lease!
    Every night is a good night at your house, right? And Florida? You are kidding me if you think that I’m going to feel bad about you NOT going on ANOTHER trip — you whiner. You’ve been on enough trips lately.
    Buble all the way! Buble all the way! (Now, everyone!)

    And just think of how many stories you’ll have for your blog after he spots you in the crowd-o’-crazies, invites you on stage where you do a heartstring-pulling duet…. he invites you backstage and then….Says he wants to do an entire album with you!! (Get your head outta the gutter!)

  7. The hubby….and pretend he’s Michael. Problem solved!

  8. I say niether! You don’t deserve either one! No human deserves anything good!

    Sorry, I saw Avatar over the weekend and now hate all mankind.

  9. Is Michael Buble sitting right in the middle of that week in FL, or on one end or the other . . . . I’d try to swing both. Have your cake and eat it too 😉

  10. Good advice Tina! Otherwise, pack your bags little chickita!

  11. Let _me_ take care of Michael for you here and then you can head off to Florida with Jason. I am sure that is best plan, ans will create good memories all the way around! I’d happily help you solve the dilemma with this solution! 🙂

  12. I’d take Florida but that’s just because the idea of all that sun and five novels to plow through sounds like heaven to me.

  13. I would pick Florida. And listen to your Michael CD the whole time. It’s not like you got backstage passes right? Your not missing a chance to have him sweat on you right? Seriously, apologize to your friend and go next time.

  14. Florida!Florida!Florida! I say this because most of the US is abnormally cold, even here in Texas, and the thought of being sans kids on a warm beach alone part of the time…..purr! Pack plenty of books.

  15. Oh crap —so unfair. SO UNFAIR.
    um, could you just take Michael with you???

    ok, maybe not, just take a bunch of his CD’s and enjoy them with hubby in florida…………..just don’t whisper Michael in his ear ok.
    Not a good idea

  16. Now, isn’t that interesting ———-my first comment the computer told me wouldn’t go through, so I did a different one.
    same IDEA
    good luck with “le decision”

  17. No contest, no question. Go to Florida with your hubby!

  18. Go with Jason. Seriously.

  19. I like Tina’s idea, try to do both! But that’s only your very best friend in the world talkin’… don’t worry about me, at the concert ALL ALONE. Sara’s life sized Michael has been staring at me from the corner of the living room for a week. I am SO ready!

    BTW, aren’t our husbands sweet to buy us these tickets? Nevermind that we informed them of the exact date and time that they went on sale…