A little Sunday humor

So my girlfriend was telling a funny story that happened at her niece’s ward.

It was testimony meeting and a little five year old got up in front of the whole congregation to bear his testimony.

“My mom just had a new baby,” he said. “She nurses her.” Now, if I were this kid’s mother I think I’d start to panic just about now. When I bring a new baby  home, I spend a lot of time flashing my goodies to the world as I try to remember how in the heck the whole process works.

“I was watching her the other day,” he continued, “and I thought to myself, you know, I think i’d like to try that sometime!”

Men; they’re all alike. Just give it a few years, kid.


  1. I really hope this goes to Overheard in the Ward.

  2. Hilarious!

  3. Love it!
    When my Isaac goes up there to share his testimony, my heart beats fast, I never know what could come out of his mouth… I have learned though not to worry too much, because he has always said sweet truths.
    Today, though, he did surprise me a little…his testimony went something like this, “I like to share my testimony, I know this church is true. I know I should brush my teeth when my mom tells me too and I should listen to my mom and dad, and that if all the people want something they should know that family is more important, and if your house catches on fire you should have an escape plan and you should get out of there and meet by the mailbox.” All I have to say is, hey at least I know he’s been listening to me and paying attention in Family Home Evening 🙂
    Sorry for the long comment!

  4. That is SO funny!!

  5. Ah, the fascination begins.

  6. Kids say the funniest thing!

    As Primary Prez, I hear an earful each and every Sunday. today from a CTR 8 girl it was “And the shepherds ran their butts off to see Baby Jesus.” Srlsy.

  7. hee

  8. He he he………..

  9. Try being the nurser or nursee?

  10. This is the funniest story!