A really really outdated post

Sometimes I think I’m missing a few switches in the old noggin.

My son got invited to a Halloween party this year. He had so much fun and was so thrilled by the experience, all he’s been able to talk about for a month is how he wants to have a party. Since I am a similar soul (aka Party Bound), it didn’t take much convincing for me to agree that yes, he could most certainly have himself a party.

A Turkey Party.

The Day Before Thanksgiving.

Because I Am An Idiot.

I thought to myself, no sweat! I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year, all I have to do is prepare rolls and a few desserts, I can certainly work a little podunk party for some six-year-olds into the mix.

The problem is, I don’t like podunk parties, I like overdone, spectacular bash-like parties. So, I bit off an entire turkey breast and got to work preparing for my kid’s holiday feast. Here are a few of the things we did (most of these ideas were filched from the internet). And let me tell you, if my cute SIL hadn’t popped by and saved me from complete to-do list chaos, there would have been no party. Thank you Aunt Tiffany, from the bottom of my turkey roaster.

I tried to buy decorations two days before, but there wasn’t a Thankful doodad to be had. So, we made our own.

Once everyone was there, the boys sat down and madeTurkey hats. To wear at the Turkey party. Also a good way to get glue on the carpet.

We made Rice Krispy like Corn on the Cobs wrapped in fruit roll-ups as part of our feast. The kids went crazy for these, I give them five stars. Plus, Harrison was able to help make them, which was good. (He was also forced to slave away cleaning the house all day. Hey, it was his party.)

Ice cream cone Tepee’s. These were a disaster. Do not ever try them at home. They are a total mess, and they’re also really messy. (The kids did like them, though.)

Turkey tracks. This is just a quick way to throw out crackers and cheese with Chinese noodles on top and call it something fancy. Smart, easy, eight points.

I helped them play a few games, sent them outside to hunt for natives, and topped off the party with Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. All things considered, it was a total hit.

(After the party, I prepared two desserts and a batch of rolls, and ended up having to take Loratab a for my back by the time the night was over. Nothing like a good narcotic to make you puke the night before Thanksgiving.)


  1. You’re pretty much the coolest mom ever.

  2. A turkey party! Love it!

    You’d think the dollar store would have something buyable for a turkey party. Loved the corn on the cob.

  3. You are my kind of girl! I go all out for my parties.

  4. BTW, I am trying to get a post together for tomorrow of a list of my bloggy friends who sell and make things. Are you still doing the Stupid Twilight shirts?

  5. You are insane!

    But, I think insane people make the best moms. Your son will remember this forever. Great party!

  6. I just want to know if under those beautiful blond locks are two pinks ears and a drum?………..

  7. You’re awesome. Sometimes I look at moms like you (the ones who let their kids have parties ) and I ask “Is this your oldest?” Because I’m mean like that. But you? You rule. Great party. (And a narcotics chaser? Isn’t that the end-all symbol of a great party?)

  8. I’m with Annette. You’re the coolest mom ever. I can’t believe what a rockin’ party you threw for your son. You Rock.

  9. Okay, you get a THOUSAND points for even THINKING about throwing a kid party. I have yet to do one.

    But dude. I wish our children were friends. Then he could go to your awesome parties and I would somehow feel awesomer for sort of being a part of it.

  10. I know! It’s all work but when it’s over and the kids LOVED it, it’s worth it is it not?

    Btw… those party treats were awesome!

  11. What a cute idea!! I love these fun crafts! Hey there, I’m visiting from MMB, I saw you there. I too don’t like podunk parties. I tend to get a carried away. Everything is a big production.

    My poor hubby who has to deal with me 🙂

    I loved these ideas–BTW–I love your humor too, I bonded with you 🙂

  12. You make moms like me look bad! Knock it off! 😉

  13. My children would like to rent you for the afternoon. What are your rates?

  14. I agree – you are the most coolest and insane mom ever! That sounds like a wonderful, funfilled party that will be forever memorable for your son. But you definately do make me look bad! 🙂

  15. You are fancy – turkey party fancy. Martha has never done this. Nice.

  16. Cute, cute, cute!

  17. Those decorations are pretty awesome. I wanted to decorate for Thanksgiving, so I printed off some thanksgiving pictures I found online and we colored them with crayons. Fancy!

  18. Wow. You’re amazing. I had twelve million things going on the day before Thanksgiving.

    I’m totally doing those corn on the cob things!

  19. wow. kudos to the supermomma! i have never offered to host a party for my kids {yet} that did not involve a birthday. i’m so impressed with the cute ideas, good good work!