Want to tick me off? Easy.

Today I am mad.

So last night little Rexy got sick. Rex has asthma. We all know that asthma plus a repiratory infection plus H1N1 is a recipe for a dead kid, so it shouldn’t surprise you that we were kind of insane with worry.

He woke up at 10:30 wheezing and hacking. We weren’t sure if we should take him in, give him a treatment, what, so I called the after hours call center.

“No problem,” the girl says. “The doctor will call you right back.” Since we use this service a few times a year, I wasn’t worried. So we sat next to the phone with our dying boy and waited. And waited. And waited.

After 20 minutes, I figured they might have the wrong number so I called again.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, the page didn’t go through, but we paged him again and let him know that you’ve been waiting, so I’m sure he’ll call you right back.





One hour. We sat next to the phone, literally, for an entire hour, waiting for the delinquent doc to call us back. He’s not our regular doctor, and this isn’t the first time I’ve had trouble with him. Last year he was the doc on call during this same time of year, and we had this exact same kind of problem.

Rex was croupy and I didn’t know if I needed to take him in or give him a treatment or sit on my hands. It was the middle of the night and the good old on call doc. was obviously irritated to have his beauty sleep disturbed.

When I posed that question to him, he snapped, “How am I supposed to know?” and followed it up with something that was the politically correct version of, ARE YOU AN IDIOT?

At 11:45 we turned the phone off. Jason and I had been taking turns trying to calm him down so his cough would get better. Jason gave him a blessing, we bundled him up, and I took him for a walk in the snow. All that cool, damp air really helped and as of this morning, he’s still breathing.

I checked my phone this morning. He finally called at 11:51. Jerk.

Okay, must run. Taking Rexy into the Good Doc. (That’s Dr. Forebush at Tanner Clinic, in case anyone’s looking for an absolutely fantastic pediatrician. We love him like family.)


  1. Wow, doctors really suck sometimes.

  2. Gosh-how awful! I’m sorry. And I would just like to say that I know my dad answered all his calls ASAP when he got them. I can testify to this after many Christmases where he left in the middle of un-wrapping, nights I heard him leave at 3am or Sunday dinners we waited to eat till he got back. He’s one of the good ones:)

  3. I am so sorry, but I am glad that all turned out okay.

    We have had doctors like this…or at least doctors in a practice where I really hope they are not the one on call in an emergency.

  4. How’s he supposed to know? Let’s see . . . that medical school thing should have helped a bit. Idiot.

  5. Man, I’m so sorry your little guy is sick. That really sucks. And sorry your doctor is such a jackA. I’ve learned a lot of people in that profession are.

    KJ gets the croup every year, so I’m a pro and going for drives around town with the windows down in the middle of the night.

  6. I LOVE Tanner Clinic. I think I may have even seen Dr Forebush back in the day (when I lived in Layton). Sorry you had to deal with such a CRAP situation. I have dealt with a similar situation, and can totally relate to the anger, frustration, and worry. Hope Rexy is doing fine today!

  7. Someone ought to report that man. He shouldn’t be allowed to practice if he’s treating people like that. He also shouldn’t be allowed to be on someone else’s service if he’s acting like that because it could damage another doctor’s reputation. Honestly, that makes me furious on your behalf.

  8. I too like you have learned the hard way. I have a system now includes my husband wrapping me and the sick child in several thick quilts and out to the front porch we sit for a good half an hour. It took a couple of ER visits from HE… for me to realize sitting in FREEZING temperatures was worth it to get my child through it.
    Hey by the way, I read the Standard article this morning. Shocking really!! It’s hard to believe some people.

  9. My blood pressure immediately started to climb upon seeing the times being listed. I call it “full-body empathizing.”

    I don’t even need to wonder if you’ve a) pounded the keyboard unleashing your fury via the written word, b) said something to the Good Dr or c) pleaded with Jason to “rough him up a bit.”

    We all know it was ‘c.’ I have family in low places if you need a hand.

  10. Wow thats awful! I would be angry also. I hope Rex feels better soon.

  11. I have let one doc (that former Gov Huntsman sang the praises of) have it! He dropped the ball on my treatment because he couldn’t do one specific test on me meanwhile he could have just biopsied my the lump to see that it was cancerous. Oh yes we had words!!!

  12. I can’t help but wonder if the on-call doc is the SAME doc I ditched after he pretty much told me that I knew nothing…after I told him that my youngest was sick and something wasn’t right.

    P.S. I don’t know if you remember me..I’m the same Danielle that made the “Stupid Twilight Shirts” buttons. I know I don’t comment often, and my blog has changed repeatedly..but I’m still around. I couldn’t help but speak up, your story made me picture a very specific ped doctor at the Tanner. He Bites!!

  13. Great. Now I’m ticked. I hate that guy! I just learned the “bundle your kid and take them outside” trick last year when my baby was sick. UGH!! There really isn’t anything worse than a sick child. We should all hibernate for the winter so our kids don’t get sick!

    See you Saturday!

  14. lame doc, i hope Rexy is all better!

  15. He should no longer be allowed to practise medicine!!!!!!!!!! I really think doctors should have no second chances when they mess up. Life is important, not just their beauty sleep or salary. People that upset me are one thing, people that upset me concerning my children are another thing completely.

  16. You already know how I feel about this, but just wanted to you to know this is the same dude that told me I WASN’T sick and to go home and sleep it off.

    I ended up having strep, swineflu AND pneumonia. Which I only found out AFTER I went to a different doctor.

    You also know my Pediatrician woes.

    Too many Dr’s think that degree = GOD. When in reality it just means GIANT JERK.

    Hope Rex is feeling better today!

  17. Wow, after all those comments, I don’t think I want to admit I’m in the medical field…
    Being the parent of a sick child sucks, no matter if you have experience in the field or not. Many nights I have wondered if I should take my kid in or not, and he always seems to be just fine until after hours or the weekend, when he gets immediately ten times worse. It would be nice to have instant answers when we are unsure what to do, but you probably did the right thing anyway. Having dad give him a blessing is way more effective than sitting in an instacare or ER any day.