Taping the Game

Every now and then I write something and think to myself, “Hey, haven’t I written this before?” For some reason, this story seems awfully familiar–like I’ve lived it over and over and over.

If you have a second, check out my favorite relationship game that showed up as last week’s column. It will probably change tomorrow, but act now and it’ll still be there.

Love to all, I’m off for a little visit to my mom and sisters. I’m sure the hotel lobby has a computer, so I’ll let you know how it goes. (And kudos to my man for taking a day off of work tomorrow to make it happen. I’m sure he’ll sit around all weekend playing mommy. I mean, it’s not like he’s going to escape to his mother’s house and let her watch them or anything…)


  1. Have a great time, my friend!

  2. Have fun in Washington!

  3. A couple things…

    First off, have a super fantastic time with your mom and sisters! SO Jealous!

    Second, I swear we were separated at birth. I can not believe how closely my life seems to parallel yours! I find myself laughing or chuckling at everything you say because I SO GET IT! And I too, am currently in the potty training trenches and YUCK! Though my hubs doesn’t call to ask me to record the game (that’s what our DVR is for- he sets it up weeks in advance), though he does call and ask me to find insurance papers, or basement specs, or some other random thing… I sometimes think he is doing that just to keep my on my toes and make sure I stay organized…

    Well that was off topic- point is, I love your columns, I love your blog, and its totally clique to say, but I really do feel like we could be great friends if the circumstances ever left us in the same area at the same time (I lived in Layton up until a few years ago…).

    Thanks for the realistically fantastic blogs!

  4. I live for those calls. Truly. Even if a game must be taped. (Or in my case, a Discovery channel segment.)

    Have a fun time with your sisters and mom!

  5. I just read your posts on Potty Training and, having a 2 year old trying to become diaperless, I had to laugh! I think it is more me that is trying to become diaperless, or at least cut in half (still have a 19 month old in dipes). Anyway, heard about you from my sis-in-law and will be checking back often, as it sounds like we are in the same boat of life!

  6. By the way, my husband calls me ALL THE TIME for the exact same thing! Silly men! They sure know how to get us!

  7. Wait a minute! No one has picked up on the fact that you’re going to see your mom – AGAIN?! You just saw your mom less than a month ago! Why, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you have those apron strings FIRMLY attached at every hinge of your body.

    Wait, they are.

    And did I read that correctly? There will be a hotel involved? That means you won’t be making your own bed or cleaning up after yourself. Spoiled brat.

  8. Seriously, a litre of Coke and a can of asparagus —that alone would make me puke.
    I love coke (diet) but after a litre I’d feel like I would explode———-besides would give me gas.
    I have NEVER had a kidney stone but they sound like something from a horror movie.

  9. While expecting Baby#4 I ended up in the hospital for 5 days waiting for a “kidney stone” to appear. I was kept on morphine the entire time. After being released (with no stone to take home with me–in hand at least) I started with the familiar pain again. Within a weeks time I was in surgery having a stint put in my kidney because of hydro-nyphrosis, not a kidney stone. Hydro-nyphrosis is like a permanent kidney stone, curable through delivery only. A stint is required so you don’t go into kidney failure. After having the procedure done twice–yes TWICE (because the stint came out w/in the first 24hr. the first time and mind you there is one way to get it in there in the first place) I was put on percocet for another 7 weeks until the baby’s lung were ready for delivery.

    The reason I say all this is….WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THE HOSPITAL NOT GIVE YOU PAINKILLERS?!?! It was my OB’s that put me on the pain meds to begin with. I am so sorry. So, so, sorry. Birth is a peace of cake compared to having kidney issues. I was worried about the baby with me on pain meds but I was reassured she would be fine. Besides, I was a very pleasant person while on percocet.

    I sure hope this time you had medicine to help you. I think an epidural should be offered to anyone with kidney stones.