Those Stupid, Stupid Twilight T-shirts.

Let me tell you, the biggest mistake I ever made was coming up with my Stupid Twilight T-shirts. Actually, that was only my second biggest mistake. My real biggest mistake was buying into them again. That’s right, once the first crop sold successfully, I decided to give it another whirl.

The whirl has been more like a nose dive, and at this point what I deserve is a swirly, one that takes place with my head in a toilet. Quite frankly, I’d rather do that than ever try to sell T-shirts again.

For some reason, the second crop of T-shirts has been sitting in the Quilted Bear for the past six months, stagnant as I try to pay down my rapidly accumulating monthly booth fee. I kept thinking that when the movie came out people would buy them. They didn’t. Well certainly, when Christmas came and I clearanced them people would buy them. Nope.

So here I sit with an entire box (and an entire bag) of unsold Stupid Twilight T-shirts, and every time I look at them I know Dave Ramsey would have my head if he knew that I’d even attempted such a stupid business scheme.

To make matters worse, payday came this afternoon and I had to dip into our emergency savings to clear my T-shirt debt. Ouch. Let’s just hope the car/washer/house doesn’t break in the next five months while I make a pitiful attempt to pay it back.

In case you aren’t feeling bad enough for me (although we all know I was the stupid head that got myself into this big fat mess), my husband is practically going blue in the face trying not to say, “I told you so.” In fact, he actually said to me this afternoon, “I’m not saying I told you so, but I did say that this was going to blow up in your face.” So glad he didn’t say it. What a saint.

So help me. Please, I’m seriously begging you right here, right now. If you send me $7 I will send you a very stupid (but actually kind of cute) Twilight T-shirt–that’s 70% off (and less money then I paid for them to begin with). I need to earn a couple hundred dollars and I’ve got a lot of shirts to sell here, people.

All the T-shirts are really good quality (I should have gone cheaper) Bella brand shirts, stretchy and long. I have S,M,L and XL. They retail for $24. I’m unloading as many as you can take for $7 a piece, free shipping. Really, this is a total charity drive for me, so I can pay back our much needed savings account and pacify my husband.

Here’s the brown and pink one. The “Team Jacob” graphics are a little different than this but equally cute.

I also have a white one with “All I want is a perfectly sculpted immortal who drinks blood and likes to bite. Is that too much to ask for?”, a “Team Edward Sorority” on white that’s stinkin’ cute, and my personal fave, “Twilight Girls Are HOT” on pink with black lettering. (I wear this one all the time.)

Please, save me. Buy a T-shirt from your old friend Annie, or at least tell the young women you know where they can get a killer deal on hip Twilight Tee.

Email me and we’ll work out the details. regardingannie at gmail dot com. Happy Pay Pal-ing.


  1. Oh dude, Totally donate them and submit the cost/etc. Those are great shirts and you’d save a “little” that way and help people.

  2. You know that I detest Twilight. Right?

    You know that I roll my eyes at Dave Ramsey. Right?

    But since I love my craziac friend Annie, I think I’ll send you a check and buy a couple of these *&##%@ shirts. Or maybe, even better, I’ll send money and you can keep the shirts. Perhaps that will get me into heaven.

    And since Jason is such a saint, I’ll do the man a favor and say…. “What the SAM HILL were you thinking?!” See? That’s different from “I told you so.” Love ya Annie!

  3. Maybe they’ll sell closer to when Eclipse comes out?

  4. I am so not into the whole Twilight propaganda bit… AND- I wouldn’t fit in ANY of the shirts yet… if I happen to lose a whole lot of weight tomorrow I will be sure to come check out these shirts, but in the meantime I DID post a link to this blog on my Facebook status… 🙂 Hope it helps!

  5. Annie,

    I’d so love to save you, but all of our spare money is going into our ‘we want a new and very expensive-but won’t buy until we can pay with cash-‘ car fund (I don’t know who Dave Ramsey is, but I believe he and I are a match made in heaven…)

    I probably would stretch my budget and buy if I looked like the girl in the picture when wearing it because they are adorable. I feel for ya, I can just see Mr. Man flaring his nostrils while shaking his head.

  6. I’m still stuck on the fact that you actually had a booth at THE QUILTED BEAR. I don’t think I can respect you anymore.

  7. I just might buy some for my SILs. They have birthdays next month and would totally love them. I’ve been forbidden to spend money till our tax return comes in, but that should be sometime next week. I’ll let you know. And probably post a FB link.

  8. Twilight. I have thoughts about this. However – I understand your plight. I’m emailing you for details.

  9. I facebook-ed this. And tweeted. Good luck!

  10. I posted your link on the biggest twilight fan blog I know . . . . good luck with the sales!

  11. Um. What Pam said, pretty much EXACTLY. You know my feelings on Twilight. YOU KNOW. But I’ll help spread the word too. BUT NOT FOR EDWARD, NEVER FOR EDWARD.

    • annie valentine says:

      That’s right Sue, your mad mad love affair with Jacob the Dog Boy (and eternal hatred for Edward) seeps out of everything you write.

  12. I’m with Pam and Sue but I’ll see what I can do for YOU because let’s face it, you’re just too awesome.

  13. Um, not much luck w/the Quilted Bear, huh? 🙂

    This sounds kind of serious. How about a media blitz? You know, FB, Twitter, etc. And real world stuff like making sparkly fliers and papering high school and/or college parking lots? (You could pay your local YW/YM to do it maybe? Or children, although you might have to bring step stools for them to reach the wind shields.)

    And I’ll pass the word onto my Twilight loving nieces. I have 2 of them, that may help.

    PS: I could always put a prayer in for you, too. Because, you know, you rock. 🙂

  14. I am not really into the whole Twilight thing, but my sisters are! I just might get them one for their birthdays. I will fb and blog about it (I can’t promise anything from this because I just have a little family blog, but it’s worth a try:)!).

  15. You should tell this person:

  16. Hey, you still owe me a stupid twilight tshirt for giving you a CD.
    But I’ll pay for it, cuz I know what it’s like to be in the hole for something you thought might be a good idea, so you spent a crapload of money on it, but in the end the only people who’ve bought them from you are your family and friends who feel sorry for you. Like stupid tshirts…or CD’s.

  17. Well if all else fails…you could donate them to the DI or Goodwill. Make sure you get a receipt, and you could use it as a tax write-off.

  18. Yeah. I got nothing.

    But, we should wear them tonight. You can be team Edward, and I’ll be Team Jacob. Everyone will be jealous cause they aren’t cool like us.

    Wonder twin powers, activate!

  19. And I may just want one of each…

    And I may even buy one as a gift…

    That’s love.

  20. Where can i find those Funny twilight comics or cartoons?? i want a website were i don’t have to go searching for the comics.

  21. What is a funny Twilight shirt I can make?


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