And to think I thought he’d just send valentines day flowers

Okay, I have to save it for this week’s column, but let me tell you all, right here, that Jason is very, very not lame. He’s leaving in the morning for five weeks of special agent “I Love To Shoot Guns” camp, and I’ll be a lonely heart this Valentine’s Day.

I really thought he’d just do the old send flowers to your valentine gig (which is a really good idea, hence the link, and something all lazy men should consider). But no, he’s way more sneaky than that. I tell you, sometimes it pays to be married to a good secret keeper.

So whether you’re just going to send valentines day flowers to your honey (again, could I make this any easier for you?) or if you’re more along the lines of the old hot air balloon ride/trip to Maui crowd, we’ve only got one week, people! If you want to come up with something that’s non-boxy and creative, put your noggin to the wheel and think.

Personally, I would love to think of something fabulous I could send my absent man this week. Any good mail order Valentine’s Day surprise ideas that aren’t flowers (because he’d probably get made some serious fun of)? I need your creative brains. Help me.


  1. Well, it’s not mail order, but I did this for my man one year:

    I got one of those mini, old-fashioned cookie jars (the rounded square one w/the screw on lid) and decorated it and inside on different Valentine-colored strips of paper wrote down 52 different things I loved about him and he’d get to pick one out every week. He loved it! You could do more/less strips and can also change how often he picks them out, but that’s my idea for you!

  2. I love flowers. I love getting flowers. I give MYSELF flowers because no one else will… tear.

  3. Send him a singing telegram. I’m sure none of his gun-toting friends will mock that.

  4. It’s so mean to taunt me with visions of great valentines gifts and then tell me I have to wait! But I love your column so I guess I’ll just have to suffer in not-so-silence.

  5. Sexting is quite popular these days…. Did I just say that?!

  6. Are you saying your hubby is an FBI agent? The 5 week training camp sounds awful familiar of something my sis mentioned about her FBI hubby. . .

  7. Send him a cookie bouquet… that’ s what I do every year (so that my hubby will remember to grab something for me on the way home from work…)

  8. Pictures of you. I think you know what I mean. It’s what my man would want. well, not of you. Of me. ;o)

  9. Write him 5 love notes, one to be opened each week. Include a stash of his favorite snacks (candy, gum, cookies, power bars, etc.) that goes along w/it. Make the last one a bit provocative – but it’s not like he’s got THAT to worry about, coming home to a hottie wife & all. 8^]]]

  10. I like the singing telegram idea, but you should hire someone to dress up like a gorilla or cupid or something to sing it to him….during camp. Nothing to be embarrassed about a half naked cupid-man singing to you in the middle of a shooting range.

  11. I echo Wonderwoman. It was what I was going to say. New technical gadgets are popular around here, so there’s another idea. Good luck!

  12. Aw, I so feel for you, my husband will be gone for Valentine’s Day too. 🙁 If he’s in a similiar situation as mine, you can’t send any kind of food stuff right? Hmmmm, I can’t even send anything to mine because I haven’t gotten his address yet (should soon though…phew!) I like the notes idea, where he could open one every week. How about we just be eachother’s valentines, that would be fun!! 🙂

  13. Check out they have some entertaining things like bacon chapstick, crime scene bandages and robot USB drives.

  14. Annie, If they have one where he is at try sending an edible arrangement. They are fruit and they are so beautiful and he can eat it too. I got one for my birthday last year and it was yummy:)

  15. Nothing. But if you insist on sending me something, chocolate covered cinnamon bears would be wonderful. Oh, and throw in a $0.98 Utah truffle from Wal-Mart Neighborhood grocery. You forgot my only request for my stocking on Christmas…now it is time to redeem yourself.

    Geez… request is very….un……manly. I promise I am 100% male, I guess I just like mint chocolates that melt in your mouth, and the great combination of gooy cinnamon and chocolate.

  16. Um, at first I didn’t have anything to offer except a suggestion that would totally get flagged by government computers, but then . . . I made my husband an iPod playlist with the #1 song from every year since he’s been born for his last birthday. What if you did a playlist with the top 3 love songs for every year you’ve been together? Or maybe a playlist with songs that make you think of him and a little paragraph for each one explaining why?